Sandeep Soni

Former Features Editor


Growth Strategies

Expanding Smoothly

Rick Hammell - chief executive officer at the Chicago-based global employer of record (EOR) services firm, Elements Global Services highlights key problems that startups face in expanding to other countries


Would Human Resource Turn More Resourceful?

The market for startups in human resource (HR) technology space is finally beginning to find backing from companies and investors. But would it be able to turnaround some big success stories?


Here's Why This Investor Made These Big Investments

Amit Anand, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures shares his reason for investments in these startups

News and Trends

Off the Mark: Assessing 3D Market in India

3D market, globally, is a billion-dollar market but in India, it is yet to flourish


Why the Drone Startup Market Holds Real Economic Potential

Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones have already developed use cases in the consumer and commercial markets globally including hobby flying, mining & agriculture

Starting a Business

How to Save Your Startup From Failure

90 out of 100 start-ups fail - one of the start-up gospels that denizen of the start-up ecosystem incessantly preach. The problem? Despite being true, at least in India, it supports the failure narrative. But there is a bigger problem - the failure rate continues to be high even after around a decade of ecosystem evolution and maturing that may or may not be enough.

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