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#10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From 'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion' Hands-on leaders keep their skills updated and remain connected with the needs of the business, employees and customers.

By Harsh Pamnani

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People have been waiting for "Baahubali 2: The Conclusion' eagerly as this movie ends the suspense created in 'Baahubali: The Beginning'– "why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?" Moreover, the stunts, visuals, budget and box office collection of this movie have set new benchmarks in the history of Indian cinema. This movie not only entertains but also gives some serious entrepreneurial lessons. Here are a few of them:

1. Be A Hands-on Leader

Hands-on leaders keep their skills updated and remain connected with the needs of the business, employees and customers. They exhibit clear direction, provide regular feedback, develop their team members, nurture innovation, keep communication open, and if required, execute tasks themselves rather than giving orders. When the kingdom of Kuntala was attacked by Pinjaris, a decoit-like army, Baahubali fought with them skilfully, motivated others and nullified the attack.

2.Humility Can Win Hearts

Humility is an important characteristic of a true leader. It brings a leader closer to his followers. Baahubali was humble and respectful towards people of Mahismati and Kuntala, a kingdom smaller than Mahismati. He won Devasena's heart through his modesty and bravery rather than his title and wealth. When Baahubali was declared the Commander-in-Chief instead of King, he gave the required respect to Ballaladeva. During the coronation, people of Mahismati displayed their respect and loyalty towards Baahubali. When Devasena and Baahubali were banished from the palace, they lived happily among commoners, wore the similar clothes, ate the same food and shared the hardships of people. Though he was not titled as king, it was visible in the movie that Baahubali remained people's king.

3.Think Out-Of-The-Box Strategies

Some of the biggest innovations happen when leaders face lack of resources and think out-of-the-box strategies. They connect the ideas from various fields, apply to their situation and beat resourceful giants. During the attack at the kingdom of Kuntala, Amarendra Baahubali had opponents in great force, but he attacked enemies at unguarded spots using animals, fire and water. From efficiency perspective, he was able to shoot three arrows together. Later to enter Mahismati palace, Mahendra Baahubali used trees to facilitate entry along with his soldiers.

4. Accept Challenge As Transformation Opportunity

If challenges are intense without any escape then with right motivation, people can lose their fear and fight at their level best. During attack at Kuntala, Baahubali motivated self-doubting swordsman Kumar Varma to fight. Kumar Varma accepted this challenge as a transformation opportunity and turned himself into a brave warrior. Kattappa also motivated Kuntala's people, united them for the purpose and raised their spirits to extraordinary courage.

5.Think Before Making Promises

When a leader is not able fulfil promises, his or her reputation gets affected as people learn that they cannot count on the leader's promises. It is better to set appropriate expectations rather than making unrealistic promises. When Bhallaladeva shared his feelings for Devasena with Sivagami, she, being unaware that Baahubali was in love with Devasena and without considering whether Devasena would accept the proposal, promised Bhallaladeva, Devasena's hand in marriage. This unrealistic promise by Sivagami to Ballaladeva created the foundation of misunderstandings between Sivagami and Baahubali.

6.Plan And Time Your Moves

Leaders have to make many strategic moves. But, it is important for them to keep potential upside and downside of their moves in mind and make the right moves at the right time. During attack at Kuntala, Amarendra Baahubali quickly planned the attack through oxen and used them to facilitate both fire and water attacks. He also controlled an ox, when its direction changed towards Devasena. When Mahendra Baahubali couldn't enter Mahismati palace behind Bhallaladeva, Kattappa advised him not to get emotional, think like his father and plan his moves strategically.

7.Experience Your Customers' World

Leaders can't understand challenges and needs of their customers only from their corporate offices. To make the right decisions, along with giving orders to their teams, they themselves have to experience the field and customer needs. Before the coronation, Sivagami suggested Amarendra Baahubali to tour the kingdom and understand its current state and people. After getting banished from the palace, he helped people in their regular work and came up with innovative solutions to solve people's day-to-day problems.

8. Recover From Mistakes Quickly

While mistakes help people learn and grow, sometimes they can be very costly.Good leaders take accountability for their mistakes and quickly do their very best to repair whatever damage has been done. When Sivagami learned from Kattappa about Bhallaladeva's conspiracy, she tried correcting her mistake by informing panicked crowd that the baby, Mahendra Baahubali would be the new king. She also wanted to punish Bhallaladeva. Towards the movie end, when Bijjaladeva asked Kattappa to protect kingdom and kill Mahendra Baahubali, Kattappa reminded him that Sivagami made Mahendra King 25 years back.

9. Communicate Carefully And Avoid Communication Gaps

Communication can make or break relationships. Additionally, communication gap acts as a bottleneck in correcting misunderstandings and creating awareness. Moreover, personality traits affect how an individual communicates and how the message will be perceived by others.

Being angry and upset, Devasena mentioned to Sivagami that she didn't have intellect as she promised to Bhallaladeva on marriage with Devasena. At Devasena's baby shower, Bhallaladeva relieved Amarendra of his duties as Commander-in-chief.

Devasena immediately spoke out against the Bhallaladeva's manipulation and the mute inaction of Sivagami. Later, when Devasena was presented in court for cutting fingers of Setupati, she displayed her dissatisfaction and anger towards Mahismati's laws and governance.

Though Devasena's intent was right, her communication style created misunderstandings with Sivagami. Also, communication gap between Sivagami and Baahubali, acted as a bottleneck in correcting misunderstandings developed between them. Kattappa was aware that Bijjaladeva was jealous and angry on Sivagami's decision to make Baahubali King rather than Bhallaladeva, and was thinking to kill Sivagami. As an example of communication gap, Kattappa didn't share his understanding with Sivagami.

10. Intense Emotions Can Screw Up Decisions

Some decisions are very complex, and even highly experienced leaders can take misguided decisions due to intense emotions. While taking complex decisions, leaders should evaluate all possible options and facts, and should take advice from others. Sivagami, convinced that Bhallaladeva's life is under threat from Baahubali, ordered Kattappa to kill Baahubali. Kattappa requested her to rethink and change her decision, but due to intense anger, she didn't evaluate all the facts and refused to change her decision.

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Harsh Pamnani

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Harsh is passionate about marketing, and has authored articles in various business publications such as Advertising Age, Business Insider, Business World, Economic Times, Entrepreneur, Firstpost, InformationWeek and Retail. He is an alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur.
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