#29 Business and Life Lessons I Learnt While Building My Company Consistency is the shortest way to success

By Abhishek Daga

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An entrepreneur's journey is filled with ups and downs. From starting up to scaling up, you fail many times but you learn from every failure to write your own success story.

Here are 29 things I have learnt while building my company.

  1. Love your product, and your team to the core of your heart. Be incredibly passionate about both. If you are in a transactional relationship with any of them it will not work. All of my transactional relationships with people failed.
  2. Work with people you like to be around. There's no sense in going at war with people you don't like.
  3. Choose your battles carefully; to win the war you need to pick your battles. If you fight each of them, you lose. Don't just lose away on every small issue, one idiot on road or one competitor who copied you.
  4. Don't think about everything that goes wrong. Preserve your worries for when you really need to care about a situation.
  5. Be yourself! Speak your mind and be curious.
  6. Only way to win against jerks is by ignoring them.
  7. Hard work beats talent every time. Everytime! Again and again.
  8. Find yourself a mentor. You will grow fast and make less mistakes. A mentor should be someone you admire and want to be.
  9. Spend time with people who are smarter than you at certain things.
  10. Be willing to fight like hell each day! Life is hard so are you.
  11. Invest into your physical well being. Workout and eat right. Keep your body in shape if you want. The additional bonus of doing this will be your mind getting better. Remember everyday you have to fight like hell. Are you well prepared?
  12. You don't need to be lucky; you just need to be willing to work your ass off.
  13. Say NO to most things in life, I said no to endless parties, Game of Thrones, movies, get togethers, etc. I had lot of my priorities clearly defined.
  14. Be blunt, on face. It's hard but it's the best thing to do.
  15. Don't care about what people think about you. Most people think more and do less.
  16. Consistency is the shortest way to success.
  17. It's okay to have larger than life goals. It's okay to also have no goals and just enjoy every bit of life.
  18. Social media is a well crafted trailer of a flop movie everyone is going through in real life. Don't get carried away. Your life is great!
  19. Smile, Laugh, wear what you like, Get ridiculously weird haircuts and tattoos. Whatever, I repeat, whatever makes you happy. Do that.
  20. Buy things that you want to, travel where you want to. Save and plan for them. Achieving materialistic goals gives happiness.
  21. Treat failures as data points.
  22. Make mistakes; make more and more, but never the same ones. Learning from someone else's is a myth.
  23. Don't grow up. It's a trap. Be foolish, be ignorant, be notorious, be curious.
  24. Have fun, every single day. Biggest of goals can be achieved while having fun.
  25. Too much information is noise; it's okay to not know many things. It's okay to forget most.
  26. No regrets! You made the best choice that time. You only get wiser with time.
  27. You're never as right as you think you are. It's again okay to be proved wrong and to take the next call believing you are right.
  28. You don't learn to jump by following rules. You learn by falling over again and again. Higher jumps lead to bigger falls. It's okay to get hurt, to bleed and be bruised. Some things are worth it.
  29. Love yourself to the core! There is no love more sincere than loving yourself.

It's okay to have a listicle of 29 points. It's okay to not have things in order.

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Abhishek Daga

Co-founder, Thrillophilia

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