Selfie Gadgets The World Started Loving

New selfie gadgets are getting introduced every day. Here are five gadgets ruling the world of selfies

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'Selfie' is a word quite dear to practically everyone, irrespective of generation or gender. Since the emergence of smartphones with selfie cameras, the shutterbugs inside them have fluttered out and cameras have been really busy clicking the perfect shots. Diamonds are not the only best friend a girl has now. She has widened her zone of friendship and has tagged many as her best friends. One of the newly made friendships is selfies. Even boys are not far behind the girls when it comes to indulging in selfies. Be it while meeting friends, travelling or clicking special moments, reason or without reason, selfies have become dear to every person.


Selfie Sticks are no longer the only accessory that is used to take selfies. People are always looking for ways to make their selfies better. And seeing this particular demand, new gadgets are coming into the market.

Here are five of the gadgets that have already stepped into the market and people are laying their hands on them more and more every passing day:

  • LED Ring Selfie Light

Making selfies better pave in ring selfie lights, which are handy and portable. These ring selfie lights have three modes of lightings – bright, medium and gentle; giving you options to choose the appropriate lighting as per your need. All you need to do is clip the ring on your phone, pose and click.

  • Selfie Cases

Many wonder how celebrities click selfies so perfect and gorgeous. Instances are known where the celebs are using selfie cases in perfecting their pictures.

Selfie cases as the name indicates are mobile cases that behave like any other mobile case we use. As an additional feature, these selfie mobile cases come with lights to perfect your picture.

  • Selfie Watch

Making clicking selfies easier comes Selfie watch. No need to balance your phone when you have a selfie watch on your hand. Just lift your hand wearing the selfie watch and start clicking.

  • Selfie Drones

As we roll on to selfie drones, we start talking about absolutely hands-free selfies.

The wide application of drones across several sectors is already known, and new applications are getting introduced. However, not many know that the flying genius has also paved its way to the world of selfies. Being portable, selfie drones are small & handy and lets you click pictures from any angle and any height. It eliminates your concern about if your hands would shake while clicking your desired shot. Literally! These easy to operate drones will also help you with aerial photography.

  • Selfie Mirror

Equipped with an in-built camera, selfie mirror or smart mirrors have been designed to take your selfie spree to a whole new level. Like selfie drones, this also encourages hands-free selfies. It is equipped with its built-in camera, professional lighting and often has a high-fi sound system. It not only entirely eliminates the hassles of holding your phone steadily at the perfect angle, but also offers options to post the pictures that you click instantly to your social media profiles.

Selfie mirrors are designed to be more than just a selfie mirror. It can be used to make video calls and surveillance purposes. You-Tubers and video bloggers can find it very useful as this device eliminates the need of setting up camera equipment for shooting your high-quality videos.

Selfie mirrors have started getting rented and are often getting used at selfie booths during weddings and other festivities.

So, Shutterbugs, pick your favourite one and get ready to scale up your selfie indulgence to a whole new level!