How to Convert Your Employees to Internal Entrepreneurs at the Office; Whilst Getting Work Done Ensure that your employees reskill themselves

By Rahul R

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As new-age entrepreneurship has already started resulting in the advent of unconventional solutions to problems that were otherwise considered as difficult to solve, it only makes sense that entrepreneurs become fully aware about this multi-faceted trend. In this regard, if you are entrepreneur having adapted the techniques of offering offbeat yet effective answers to problems, it should not do any harm to spread this word around; especially in an office setup where you are a leader.

In case you have an office, where work is driven by multiple teams; it is vital that you evoke the entrepreneur in each of your co-workers and employees; rather than considering them as conventional workers. Now, remember that turning employees to entrepreneurs does not mean getting them to become your business competitors but certain level of autonomy is to be given to them while they are doing their work to enhance the individuality, can make them do wonders.

To offer insights here, Entrepreneur India lists five techniques to potentially help achieve these results:

  • Through reskilling: This approach could make mundane office projects interesting. Let your employees reskill themselves; take the initiative and offer in-house reskilling programs at the office itself. With this, conventional work projects could potentially be looked at from a new/unconventional angle whilst efficiently completing.

    When you offer ample reskilling opportunities, your employees would naturally adapt unconventional problem solving methodologies at work, thereby turning entrepreneurs internally and potentially helping foster your business.

  • Offer creative freedom: Complicated work projects require unconventional approaches to be solved, rather than emotional approaches. Here, try and accord optimal freedom to your co-workers to flex their creative muscles. It should not hurt in case they resort to a trial & error approach whilst working on challenging projects. Never discourage creativity; irrespective of it sounding menial and trivial. This technique should stimulate the brain and in turn potentially bring out the entrepreneur in your employees in introducing newer ways of solving a challenge.

  • Sponsor entrepreneurship: Take your employees to talks organized by expert entrepreneurs, and if feasible to the TedX talks where aspects of unconventionality in business are discussed with real-life use-cases. It is preferable to set aside a miniscule budget for this aspect. Also, support "good-hearted entrepreneurship" of your employees outside the office. These approaches should potentially instill confidence and create positive vibes at the office thereby enabling showcasing of entrepreneurial traits while at work.

  • Hold offbeat brainstorming sessions: Here, you could ask your team members to come out with all sort of solutions and ideas; irrespective of these being profitable to your business. Let your team speak freely and without hindrances; through this approach, they would eventually learn to filter out the bad stuff and produce more of the good aspects which could positively impact your business. Hold such sessions at least on a weekly basis, and eliminate all negative ideas. This should present a new way to formulate tasks.

  • Increasing tasks: Now, this does not mean you bombard your team with work at the middle of the night; get them to complete all essential tasks within their most productive hours of the work day. In the other time available, allocate non time-bound tasks and invite holistic approaches to solve these. This way, your employees would be able to sharpen their problem solving skills (which is an entrepreneurial trait).

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 

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