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6 Ways to Ensure Positivity Stays Intact Within Business WhatsApp Groups Maintain your core business agenda intact

By Rahul R

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With instant messaging application WhatsApp having found widespread acceptance even from business users, using the platform for business-related discussions, it becomes imminent that the first time adapters (of both businesses and WhatsApp for Business) are informed about the various nuances about the dos and don'ts on the platform.

At this juncture, it is worth noting that entrepreneurs using WhatsApp for Business are better off with connecting with intended recipients by ensuring that positivity and the messaging environment remains free from negativity and undesirable attention. In this regard, Entrepreneur India lists 5 easy ways through which entrepreneurs can potentially maintain positivity within their business WhatsApp groups. Check out the list below:

  • Never Post Motivational Quotes: Strange, yet true, frequent posting of motivational quotes; usually through forwards; on your business (entrepreneurial) WhatsApp group potentially garners unwanted attention and could cause ruffled feathers. Now, as entrepreneurs, motivation is definitely welcome; but business motivation strictly cannot be in the form of quotes from say Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or Mukesh Ambani.

    Remember that the business WhatsApp group you are part of, is strictly to share ideas, brainstorming, and even establishing rapid communication channels with potential clients; the sanctity of this group has got everything to do with strict business; not with external quotes.

  • Do not express explicit frustration: Try and avoid expressing open frustration, within your WhatsApp business groups. If your idea did not work out; or you missed a client, always be cheeky in communicating negative aspects. Socially, it is always desirable to avoid portraying emotions; both positive and negative; as much as possible.

    Even if you have to express successes, do so cleverly rather than flamboyantly. This approach ensures your professionalism stays intact whilst maintaining a consistent degree of positivity within the group.

  • Blame game could put you in a spot of bother: Even if there are confusions with co-workers or with your projects, never resort to blame game with your colleagues. Instead, clearly communication what your intended target was and if possible the reason for the confusion.

    You could always speak and personally clear out confusions with people, rather than explicitly displaying these on WhatsApp. This is irrespective of the source of confusion. Once misunderstandings are created within business WhatsApp groups, negativity does not take long to spread potentially hurting your business prospects.

  • Being straightforward is desired: As much as possible, play things with a straight bat while discussing on WhatsApp. The more you beat around the bush, the greater risk you run of running damaged reputations; and with reputations going a long way in business, it is in your stride to ensure that negative reputations are eliminated.

    Also, try and avoid punching short form writing as much as possible. Your thoughts should be expressed crisply; the vast majority does not possess time to read stories of any sort after all on WhatsApp.

  • Maintain multimedia content: Though a tad under-rated, but the media content you put up on business WhatsApp groups needs to be of quality standards. Be mindful of the instant "shoot and upload" kind of images. In business, always find out what standards are expected and accordingly use your judgement to share multimedia content.

    Low quality of content not only results in wasting time (in having to repeatedly upload) but also conveys a negative impression as far as adhering to norms is concerned.

  • Use your intellect: We often see people, those who have nothing to say but are eager to participate are the ones who send random things without any relevance to the group. They may share a political video or jokes, if not these they'll share forwards wishing good morning or happy sunday,monday etc. This looks bazar and one should think before messaging, if it holds any relevance to the group and not to ridicule themselves.

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 
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