Analysing the Unconventional Trend : Photography and Videography as Freelance Entrepreneurship Unconventionality is the groovy thing in today's world and potentially beyond imagination

By Rahul R

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With entrepreneurship in 2018 having already taken the "unconventional" route, and with this trend only showing signs of an upward surge which is evident from the number of people not preferring a conventional 9 to 6 job to give wings to their entrepreneurial dreams, a trend which was seemingly underrated over the decades has suddenly sprung up and has potentially been promising to serve as a platform for entrepreneurs to unleash their creative juices.

Gone are the days when Photography and Videography was restricted to just weddings. At this juncture, it is worth noting that a sizeable number of the vast entrepreneurial community have been choosing to turn over professional freelance photographers/videographers to serve a broad clientele through their expertise. In a bid to analyse the trend, Entrepreneur India lists five distinct advantages that freelance photography and videography offers to entrepreneurs :

  • Opportunity to network is immense: The greatest advantage that a freelance photographer (multimedia professional) gets is the privilege of attending A-star and highly-rated gatherings which offer opportunities to rub shoulders with multiple industry leaders and the who's who across sectors. These "chance" meetings could potentially open up doors to even bigger opportunities; thereby fostering entrepreneurship.

  • Creativity unleashed like a beast: Freelance multimedia professionals generally look at perfection; which means choosing the right equipments and the right resources in order to carefully execute strategies while on assignment. This holds good to all photography/videography assignments undertaken. A careful and meticulous research process is adapted by these entrepreneurs which results in creativity being unleashed to the fullest; thereby obtaining complete satisfaction over projects executed.

  • Satisfying wanderlust: Freelance multimedia projects most often involve travel to unknown places and cultures. This presents a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs to experience Cultural Diversity from close quarters. Also, for the travel-minded, the opportunity to travel to different places whilst on professional assignments should serve as double bonanza; with respect to experiencing both travel as well as a good time outside of comfort zones. These aspects only potentially add to development of entrepreneurial skills.

  • Offering opportunities to others: If you are a wedding photographer/videographer, remember that you are according an opportunity for people at the gathering (including the bride and groom) to express what is there within their hearts and minds. Essentially, you are the bridge connecting people and their expressions, with other people. This should give you a sense of satisfaction in having performed to your potential.

  • An ideal part time hobby: If you consider photographer, irrespective of domains, as a hobby; then it should do no harm to turn into a freelance photographer and work on projects during your free time when you are done with your conventional office work. Turning into a photographer, part-time, should also let you make extra bucks for allocation towards critical and emergency needs. Here, your hobby is both a pursuant as well as an income generator for valid use.

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