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Customer Relationship Management: It's More Than Just Conversions Gaurav Goel's StayTouch is a groundbreaking way to manage client base and efficiently manage contacts

By Shishir Jajoo

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Customer management and contact management is at the heart of every business. You need your customers to be loyal and continue returning to your business. You also need to be able to quickly update and add contacts to your contact database. You want them to send their friends and family to you as well, to continue growing your customer base and business network. Gaurav Goel has found a new innovative way to track your customer relationship management and help grow your contact base.

Goel is the founder and CEO of StayTouch. StayTouch is a groundbreaking way to manage your client base and efficiently manage your contacts. It allows you to easily collect information on clients and contacts and take notes on your interactions with them. StayTouch changes everything when it comes to customer relationship and contact management.

Finding a new method for customer relationship management

Customer relationship management can be a massive headache. No one knows this better than Goel. He spent a lot of time networking and gaining new clients in the banking industry. He knows all too well just how challenging it can be to keep track of customers' names, numbers, and needs. His frustration with these problems is what inspired him to create a better way to handle customer relationship management.

Goel grew up in New Delhi, India. There he attended the Indian Institute of Technology and studied electrical engineering. Having an interest in finance and management, Gaurav went on to a management program at ESCP Europe in Paris. Afterward, he got into banking with Goldman Sachs.

It was while he was with Goldman Sachs that he realized just how frustrating customer relationship and network management could be. He found it was tough to keep track of business cards, meetings, and what those meetings pertained to. His frustration grew until he got an idea to make things easier for everyone.

Creating the best customer relationship manager

Goel faced many challenges while trying to grow his customer network with Goldman Sachs. However, he found the difficulties could be overcome with the right tools. This gave him the idea to create StayTouch.

Although, making his idea a reality proved to be just as challenging. Even though he had already learned to cope with long hours at Goldman Sachs, creating his own business took even larger chunks of time. As a result, he had to find a whole new work-life balance to make his new company a success. However, it turned out he was able to conquer the new long hours and get his dream to come to life.

He also faced issues with staffing. He found that if he concentrated on getting a team for just one market, he wasted time getting to other areas. He solved this problem by getting a team from many different geographic locations, spreading his availability. Despite this distance in place, he even managed to maintain proper communication among his crew.

Goel's project StayTouch is a revolutionary customer relationship manager and networking app. It uses cutting-edge technology to help anyone track and maintain their consumer base. It also helps with all contact management by adding automation. Anyone with a smartphone can use the app to exchange contact information with anyone effortlessly. It also gives you the ability to take notes on those clients and contacts so you can remember what your meeting was about.

Goel changed the game with StayTouch. Before, one would have to handle all of the collection and organization of contact information themselves. Now with a simple touch of a button, you can get all of the information you need automatically recorded and organized for you.

Goel saw the need for a new way to manage customer relationships and networking while he was building his own network with Goldman Sachs. Dealing with these challenges gave him the idea to develop his own way of handling his contact network. Luckily for us, he decided to share that new method with the world.
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