Deepika Padukone's Ventures Beyond Bollywood

The actress has been actively investing in startups since 2017

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Many actors have made investments in different kinds of startups after their Bollywood success. It's no surprise that Deepika Padukone is one of the top names of A-listers on the chart. Alongside her ongoing, movie success, here are five startup ventures that Deepika has invested in and is actively involved in.


Partnered with Epigamia

Let's start with the quite recent "Dip, Swirl, Spread it!" campaign that Deepika was seen promoting. She has invested in Drum Foods International Pvt. Ltd, and also has her own "crafted by Deepika" range of spreads under the brand.


Deepika also ventured into investments with Furlenco, a furniture rental platform. With Nitin Kanchan as CEO of KA Enterprises, set up by her, these major investments were made.

Bellatrix Aerospace

Well, you dare say, Deepika's ventures span across earth and space. She is known to be one of the lead investors in 2019-started Bellatrix Aerospace venture which is a private aerospace manufacturer and novel satellite company. It is headquartered in her hometown Bangalore.

Jumping into edtech

With passion projects spanning across several industries, Deepika has also had a prominent role in promoting new-age edtech startups such as FrontRow. This is a celebrity-taught learning platform that offers lessons in creative arts like music, acting, cricket, and much more.

BluSmart Electric Vehicles

Deepika hasn't taken the back seat when it comes to investments in eco-friendly and new-tech projects. Her investment in BluSmart is a way ahead for an all-electric ecosystem, which electric taxis made available to
people in Delhi.