Here's Why Coining is the Future of Corporate Gifting Be it Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi, customized festival gifts with a symbol of the festival embossed on one side and the company's logo on the other are becoming increasingly popular

By Priyesh Shah

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A gift serves an important purpose in society. It establishes a bond of care and affection between two or more people. It creates a deep sense of positivity that strengthens their relationship.

On a corporate level, gifting attains a whole new level. Corporations use gifts as a means to say to their clientele, employees and vendors, "I care about you."

Corporate and retail gifting are hardly new trends. According to statistics, this domain is growing by a whopping 150 per cent with every passing year. It could range from mugs, calendars, and pens to something more exotic like gadgets and "special experiences'. Corporate gifting is what every enterprise is spending much time and effort in developing.

Lately, personalized gold and silver coins have emerged as compelling gifts in such an environment. Not only are they treasured by recipients, but have also become symbolic for special occasions. It is now possible to customize these coins to make them appropriate for such occasions.

Here's how these coins have been revolutionizing the gifting market.

1. Adding to the Shine of Festivals

Indian religious festivals have traditionally been auspicious occasions to gift near and dear ones. Be it Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi, customized festival gifts with a symbol of the festival embossed on one side and the company's logo on the other are becoming increasingly popular.

2. Recognition of Merit

Companies can achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations only with the help of their employees and intensive network of vendors. To recognize people for their contribution towards the bottom line, companies are now doling out gold and silver coins.

Once again, these coins can be customized and modified as per need. What better way to salute the efforts of partners and staff than recognizing their worth in gold or silver? Such gifts can also spur these agencies to go the extra mile in the long run!

3. Giving Online Gaming a Priceless Touch

Studies have shown that more people have access to the internet than ever before. As a consequence, they spend more time online than they did in the past. Online games have picked up in popularity where participants sign up to play games, compete and win special gift coupons.

Websites reward their game winners with prizes like coupons of gifting portals. When winners come on the site, they redeem the vouchers to purchase gift items of their choice for themselves or loved ones.

This is an avenue that has picked up much steam recently.

A Widespread Concern

Gold coins are a safe gifting bet because receivers instantly know the worth of what they have received. However, they're equally risky during transit if the gifts aren't handed over to the recipient directly by the giver. Of course, such expensive items always are susceptible to being stolen with no technique to track their whereabouts.

Summing Up

Corporate gifting has once again turned personal. It's no longer restricted to festivals, but has transcended to make many more events meaningful. With India's economy booming, we can expect to see a steep rise in this industry for quite some time to come.

Priyesh Shah

Co-Founder -

Priyesh Shah is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner by qualification. He did his Masters in Commerce and worked as a Chief Financial Planner in ‘Sykes & Ray Equities’ before starting his own Financial Planning Practice. He saw that every family in India has a part of their portfolio invested in physical gold and silver. While he used to follow Goal based Comprehensive Financial Planning principles and allocating resources to achieve one’s financial goals, he realized that what if it was easy to buy bullion [Gold/Silver] in its physical form, the same way one could buy Stocks & Mutual Funds Online. Later he collaborated with his college colleague Pankaj Jain & his other Co-founder Rakesh Jain who had worked in Infosys & TCS
respectively on the technical side and were also on a lookout to build an e-commerce platform based on their knowledge and experience.

Coin Bazaar [Synonymous to ‘Zaveri Bazaar’ - The Jewellers Market, in Mumbai] was a very simple idea but with the support of each other and angel investment from friends & family, they started working towards the idea. There were challenges of trust, logistics, operations, sustainability etc. which all got streamlined over a period of time. From selling only Gold & Silver Coins, CoinBazaar now sells Platinum Bars, Gold Frames, Religion Specific Offerings, Limited Edition Coins, Collectors Coins, Internationally Minted Coins and much more with 360 Degree Personalization and Logistics Support.

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