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#5 Entrepreneurial Skills to Prosper in the Various Endeavors of Life The most successful entrepreneurs of today have made their mark by taking something mundane and ordinary and imbibing it with a creative

By Dilip Puri

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Becoming successful isn't just about the career you have or the experience you have – it's about working on yourself constantly, no matter which path you're on. While choosing to become an entrepreneur can seem like an easy task at first – after all, which one of us doesn't dream about being our own boss – it can actually prove to be many times more challenging than working in the traditional sense. Here are five key skills we can all benefit from working on and using in our daily lives, regardless of our profession.

1 – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

It's not easy being an entrepreneur – and neither is it predictable. One of the important qualities we can borrow from successful entrepreneurs is the ability to break down big problems into smaller, more manageable parts and see them objectively. When we're getting overwhelmed with new challenges, the ability to take a step back and use logic, not emotions, to overcome them is something everyone can adopt in their daily life. A marathon is a mammoth accomplishment – but it's just a collection of individual steps at the end of the day.

2 – Creativity

They say variety is the spice of life – and some of the most successful entrepreneurs of today have made their mark by taking something mundane and ordinary and imbibing it with a creative twist. It's also an invaluable skill to have when approaching problems. By focusing more on creativity and innovative thinking, we're taking the time to look at a challenge differently, instead of applying the same old tried and tested approach. Just think about it – let's say you take the same walk every day. What could you be missing out on by not taking a different turn now and again?

3 – Initiative & Goal Setting

Since entrepreneurs are their own boss, they're responsible for setting their own goals and deadlines – and making use they stick to them. It's important to strive for success without the need to have someone constantly reminding you to pick up your slack. Learn to set realistic goals for yourself. Nobody knows you and your capabilities better than yourself – so be truthful and honest when you're charting out professional milestones for yourself in your work or personal life. It's better to undersell yourself a little than set yourself up for success with targets that are unachievable. Once that's done, it's only half the job. The next – and most important – part is making sure you're constantly striving towards those goals. Remember, there's little in life as satisfying as a job well done – especially if it was you cheering yourself to the finish line.

4 – Empathy & Emotional Intellect

A leader isn't just someone who issues orders. A good leader is someone who can put themselves into the shoes of their team and decide what's best for each individual and the unit as a whole. Putting more focus on empathy and EQ – emotional intellect – can help us connect better with the people around us in both our professional and personal lives in order to enrich our relationships and work towards better outcomes in social and working situations. Sometimes it's more fruitful to be doing the hearing than to be the one being heard.

5 – Self Confidence

Last but not least, one of the most vital tools we should have at all times in our toolkit is confidence. Not to be confused with arrogance or ego, self-confidence is the fuel we need in order to fully utilize all of the points we visited above. We need self-confidence in order to have the power to believe in ourselves first, before anyone else, and to believe that we can solve problems, overcome challenges, achieve our goals, and connect with others. We need the self-confidence to understand that you don't need to be born with a special or hidden talent to make your mark on the world – you just need the drive and dedication to keep working towards your dream – and the dedication to be your own biggest motivator.

Dilip Puri

Founder, Indian School of Hospitality

Dilip Puri is the Founder of Indian School of Hospitality.
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