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How Entrepreneurs are Bridging the Gap in the Educational Space This cross-industry influence will always herald more progressives times for the educators

By Fatima Agarkar

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As an entrepreneur, by the virtue of taking the unconventional path and creating a disruption and identifying a 'gap' in the market, makes a difference as you have to be in that niche space, and offer solutions that have the foresight and path breaking.

Educational conferences in the past few years have simply echoed this need to change, to take risks and create disruptions for the sake of the child, clearly recognizing there are gaps to be addressed. And the future to be accounted not simply the present.

It is no doubt that the worthy leaders who can bring about the change, are those who can lead from the front, by example. Who better than those risk takers, original thinkers?

It is heartening to hear of educational companies such as Logiqids being founded by ex-bankers whose passion for analysis and application can be extended to the school level. Such companies are welcomed given the fact that the education space finally will have solutions for what we have been striving for — application of knowledge! Industry folk creating solutions for those in the education space does have a feeling of comfort because if experts are generating solutions, you have to trust that it is implementable than theory being proposed.

Importance of Questioning

And truth be told, the education space requires an approach to questioning, thinking and risk taking that allows children to work with skills and attitudes that help them become future ready. And imagine if this is the expectation of the 21st century learning, then the solutions being generated by those who walk the talk will always be worthwhile. This cross-industry influence will always herald more progressives times for the educators, as there are valuable lessons to be learned and appreciated — everything cannot be by the book, and it is clear that the future belongs to those you will learn to be adaptable and also those you can take calculated risks.

Best Lesson

Entrepreneurs who have created an A to Z opportunity for themselves, have the focus to create. This would be the most valuable lesson for a generation young and hungry for inspiration. The educational space is focused on more personalized learning backed by evidence and research, and the use of technology simply makes it easier and more accessible to have right information at the right time. So, startups with their technology knowledge is creating platforms that truly aid learning, and not simply add to the costs. Creative minds like Theatre Professionals recognize the importance of Life Skills and incorporate drama in a way that will assist and equip students to express freely.

Sports Management companies with their in-school curriculum like add value as they bing in expertise and experience and those who play the sport need to simply give up and their entrepreneurial spirit makes them contribute in ways that make a difference. The educational space is already on its path of transformation and these are good times. More collaborative forces makes us reach the destination quicker, and we welcome the science behind designing furniture for classrooms as Infiniti does or manufacturers of toys and equipment who have addressed the gap and creating lasting and impactful solutions.

So, these collective forces be it Cods India that uses science to strengthen the nutritional needs of young children for a better concentration by promoting a healthy diet to performing and theatre arts, the education space has all the right ingredients and talent by experts to bridge some gap in our system.

Fatima Agarkar

Educationist & Co-Founder, KA EduAssociates

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