How Anjana Reddy Followed her Passion of Merchandising in India

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A badminton enthusiast, Anjana Reddy had to undergo shoulder reconstruction surgery several times when she was a junior player, but even at that tender age, she was fascinated with the idea of becoming independent and step in the corporate world as a budding entrepreneur.

Talking about her very first venture she tells, "I set up a book stall in school during the parent teacher meeting in Hyderabad and sold books. I was very happy because I had collected lots of pocket money from that." With an aim to do something impactful she went to US and did a Masters Degree in Finance. But, the love for sports hadn't died in her.

Anjana, a football enthusiast, used to visit and cheer the team every Friday and soon she understood the business model of merchandising in US soccer players. She tells, "When I returned back, I thought why don't I follow my passion and rather merchandise in cricket in India."

In 2011, Sachin had retired. Anjana was in college and when she returned, "I wanted to reach out to him and when I did, he loved my idea and decided to come on board. Later on, we saw people wearing the clothes which we made. It was great working with Sachin," she adds. Anjana has created three brands by the name of Wrogn, Collectabillia and Imara and is expecting to offer about 200 products offline, launching more stores and adding more categories.

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