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Startup ecosystem is all about assisting one another Bizongo believes startup niche can have its own nexus, where growth is not solely dependent on indifferent government policies.

By Aniket Deb

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In 1939, Alan Turing, father of computer science and artificial intelligence, sought help from researchers based in the United States of America with an aim to take his German naval cryptanalysis forward. The product helped the allies in successfully defeating the Axis forces, and shortened the Second World War by more than two years.

Back in 1940s, problems faced by the people were very grave-- war, famine, epidemic, and others. Researchers focused their thesis on how this world could become more liveable. In 20th century, the world's problems have become relatively toned down albeit with a lot more complexity. When Alan Turing laid the foundation of artificial intelligence, he directed us towards a life of comfort and opportunities.

Today, you need not be a research scholar to work towards solving world problems; "The Internet of Things' movement has ensured that all you need is an Internet access to build or grow your product.

But, with so many startups working towards similar problems, is expanding your business and being successful that easy? How can members of the startup ecosystem possibly contribute towards each other's growth?

After a little introspection, we at Bizongo realised that the startup niche can have its own nexus, where growth is not solely dependent on indifferent government policies or expensive marketing campaigns.

This ecosystem is all about supporting and assisting one another. This happened when an online food delivery startup ordered packaging materials from us. This initiated a trusted user base on both the sides, as our team members have started using their services regularly.

The huge splash made by Slack is because of startups like us! They built a product which changed the way startups communicate internally. It did take quite some years to build the product but their target audience ensured its success! With multi-tasking being an everyday affair, prioritising can get overwhelming. In turn for easing our workload, we found new users for Trello!

For an e-commerce company, retaining customers is essential. Searching for good solutions, we stumbled upon Chatra and Exotel. Using these, we've been able to provide customer service via phone and chat while they recorded an increase in number of users on their platforms.

For any startup, business development is a necessity. But crowded buses, extreme weather conditions and unforeseen transport problems make the job very tiring and hectic. Ola and Uber cabs have repeatedly saved us from all these hassles, especially during the Mumbai rains, with air conditioned cabs anytime at our disposal, at no extra cost.

Also, there are a lot of portals that our tech team has been using to ease their coding woes; Github, Circle CI, Pusher and many more. These have made humongous tasks like adding features, making engaging interfaces, and deploying code in real time production environment, a breezy affair. Code management and review have turned extremely easy for them after using these platforms.

Since Bizongo is an end-to-end solution provider, it is essential for us to find the right logistics service, who would treat our products on a priority basis. We were actually surprised to find ventures starting out in these sectors. Shipment services like Parcelled, Truckola, Porter and others have helped us launch our services across India and in turn, we have helped them generate good business.

In every startup, administrative work is a great responsibility. With continuous new additions to the team, it is an endeavour altogether. Keeping a tab on job applications, investment declarations, account openings, and reimbursements is a laborious and a time-consuming duty. These have been made easy by the use of financial and human resource centric solutions like Quikchex and Recruiterbox.

The focus of a startup lies in simplifying problems faced by the world today. Every startup is working towards this common goal. In this journey, one or the other venture is finding alternatives against the traditional methods of working, which is mutually benefiting all startups. To build a niche for ourselves in this competitive world, there is a need to identify all the synergies that can be built amongst us.

Aniket Deb

Founder, Bizongo

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