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The Cyber Trifecta In 2023, it aims at having 150 employees, plans to go for a Series A round, enter Thailand and Germany as new sales territories

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Aditya Narang, Liad Herman and Miri Yudovich, co-founders, SafeHouse

SafeHouse stays true to its brand in providing digital safety to more than 2.5 million users (and counting) in India, the rapidly growing company and its three founders - Aditya Narang (Addy), Liad Herman and Miri Yudovich, are revolutionizing the cyber industry for consumers. The Indo - Israeli company was founded in 2016 when Addy was working as a cyber defense consultant in Tel Aviv and was introduced to Liad by way of work, they realized while they were protecting countries, armies, and national banks they did not have a simple way to protect their friends and family. When Miri joined the team, she recalls the exact moment she knew this was it. "Liad, Addy and I had our first disagreement, and it took us just a day to come to a resolution". That was the moment she knew that they make a winning team and "together we can achieve whatever we set for ourselves," she shares.

Addy spearheads SafeHouse's global expansion strategy and business growth, Liad provides the technical and data prowess, while Miri handles the investment and financial operations. A graduate in Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University in Boston and a fifth generation entrepreneur (Addy), a postgraduate in Conflict Studies with Finance from LSE (Miri), and a serial founder and domain expert in big data and cyber consulting (Liad), SafeHouse has been on a rising trajectory since 2018. "Way of the future is to provide high end technology for consumers in a simple way" shares Liad on the startup and its future. As a result, SafeHouse has a refined view on the digital life cycle of a user - to 'show, protect, cover, and enrich'; 'SHOW' enables users to see their digital footprint and safety score, 'PROTECT' provides users with state-of-theart security, 'COVER' delivers cyber services beyond technology such as insurance, and 'ENRICH' is a mechanism to improve one's digital life by being a companion and intuitive guide to achieve true digital safety.

SafeHouse has doubled its user base in India from starting January 2022 with 1.2 million users to 2.5 million users by December 2022 and has grown its manpower from 30 to 70 across five countries, including Ukraine, to support tech communities that have been impacted by the war. Its flagship product, BodyGuard is a mobile security application that protects users and their device from cyber threats. The application is built with AI- based security capabilities, utilizes a high level of encryption, and offers the world's fastest and safest VPN. "BodyGuard is our first step towards building a future in which everyone can be safe online", says Addy on the app and it's role in their mission. Talking about its profitability status, the startup has achieved its revenue goals generating more than $20 million in revenue and plans to reinvest it into growth and expansion overseas. In 2023, it aims at having 150 employees, plans to go for a Series A round, enter Thailand and Germany as new sales territories.

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