This Canadian Entrepreneur Brings The Next Big Thing In the Marketing Automation And E-Commerce Space Ross Andrew Paquette is the founder and mastermind of Maropost that delivers an unparalleled automation experience through a unique marketing automation platform that's been hailed as North America's best

By Julian Lim

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Ross Andrew Paquette

Essentially anyone that is involved with marketing in 2021 is dealing with the constantly evolving, digital industry of MarTech. There is an ever increasing demand for marketing automation software and strategies that deliver an all-in-one solution.

These software curate leads and develop brand loyalty through staggeringly accurate predictive analytics and CX strategies. The top services in demand are email and SMS marketing automation, inbox deliverability, advanced analytics, reporting and audience building all while delivering stellar customer service.

There is one brand that is addressing all the gaps in the market and taking the automation world by storm.

Entrepreneur Ross Andrew Paquette is the founder, chairman, CEO, and mastermind of Maropost, an intelligent software company built to deliver an unparalleled marketing automation/e-commerce experience. Maropost has been hailed as North America's fastest growing platform in its industry.

Not only is Maropost the world's only unified customer engagement platform, it is centered in house. "Your success is our success." Maropost is quoted, "We are a bootstrapped company so we can focus solely on pleasing our customers, not external investors. We focus on building partnerships with our clients and driving value instead of treating them as a number."

The fact that Maropost is 100 per cent bootstrapped alone makes it one of the most unique brands and assets in 2021. Ross has built a truly exceptional business in Maropost, delivering consistent hyper-growth. One of their goals is to prove that you don't need investors if your product performs better than anything else out there.

Developed in 2011 and headquartered in Canada, it is the country's fastest-growing SaaS startup. From a one-man-operation in an apartment, to an international business, Maropost has seen an almost unbelievable five-year revenue growth of 7,855 per cent... Almost unbelievable. Providing a 360-degree view into every customer's touchpoints and communications.

Maropost has been featured in Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 list multiple years in a row for its advancement in assisting B2C companies with their revenue growth and overall performance.

Powerfully efficient, this phenomena of an ecosystem is selling heavily all over the US market and is expanding globally faster than any of its competitors ever did. Why? Proven success through increased revenue, improved customer relationships, and a powerful, easy-to-use tool. It offers invaluable efficiency. Over 10,000 now trust Maropost including Mercedes-Benz, Hard Rock, BioTrust, the New York Post, Haymarket Media, and

Ross states, "I would like Maropost to be known as a global organization with a range of products. I'd like its legacy to focus on our goodwill and care, as well as our innovation and unique story. I'd also like part of our legacy to be showing other entrepreneurs that you don't need funding to build a successful company."

The MarTech industry in North America and the UK is worth an estimated $65.9 billion. The global market size is $121 billion and growing. According to chiefmartec, "Global MarTech spend has leapt again by more than 20 per cent in the last year as brands continue to seek a competitive edge and greater efficiencies in the digital economy. To put this into context, MarTech spend has almost doubled in just two short years in more developed markets such as North America and the UK."

Recently acquiring a company in Australia, Maropost also announced the opening of an office in Sweden, paving the way for Maropost's expansion into the EU market.

According to Paquette, Maropost's main strategy for breaking through the EU market is to: "Hire a talented customer management team that will allow us to service the European market and connect with our European customer base appropriately."

"Thanks to this acquisition and the merged capabilities of Maropost and Neto, we'll be able to support companies that want to grow rapidly by managing every aspect of their business - ecommerce, marketing, automation: from a single platform, increasing efficiency at scale," adds Paquette.

Maropost is dominating the e-commerce market with the edge and brand strategy that they provide their clients and they're not showing any signs of slowing down.

Julian Lim

Tech entrepreneur, researcher and editor at Startup Fortune

Julian Lim is a technology entrepreneur and researcher. Julian has graduated from NUS in intelligent systems and started his career pursuing data analytics and research. He’s also an editor and senior writer at Startup Fortune, covering technology, startups, AI, blockchain and entrepreneurship.

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