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How do State Leaders Bring out the Entrepreneur in You? Be part of an unique session on the role of state leaders in crafting entrepreneur-friendly policies, at Entrepreneur India 2018 on July 16-17 at the JW Marriott, New Delhi.

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If you are a new-age entrepreneur, then you have lots to cheer about as there now multiple avenues when it comes to helping realize your entrepreneurial dream and making your venture the talk of the town. With smartness being the in-thing, it is worth noting that even the policy makers viz the central and state governments have also started crafting smarter policies that are not only entrepreneur-friendly but is custom-made for bringing out the entrepreneurial trait among today's youth.

State-driven entrepreneurial hubs to cater to your business dream

Of late, it has become a sort of a norm for state governments to develop customized hubs to foster entrepreneurship. Now, these hubs are not only connecting point for entrepreneurs but also actually work at bringing-in industry expertise whilst incubating ventures that are actually creative and have models custom-made for mitigating societal issues.

Incubation of startups is the all pervading aspect as really good models deserve to receive quality mentoring and even focussing on global platforms. Here, it is worth noting that multiple state governments in India have wholesome startup policies that recognize, reward, and provide platforms for these ventures to showcase their offerings to the world. Some policies even go as far as offering interest-free financial assistance to startups.

Hence, the focal point of these programs is state leaders who are now the new drivers of change. It is not only about mentoring entrepreneurs, but actually getting more people to explore entrepreneurial pursuit that matter to the Indian society especially at a time when the Indian government's Make in India initiative has started showing results (think Samsung opening up a new mobile phones manufacturing unit in Noida).

State leaders fostering your entrepreneurial dreams

Now, with the role of state leaders and policy makers, in creating hubs, not worth ignoring; the imminent aspect to ponder over is how these leaders could actually foster entrepreneurial pursuits (within you) apart from merely crafting hubs.

In this regard, state leaders could delve well beyond merely being the icing on the cake, to actually being the cake itself. To understand how state leaders add substance to today's entrepreneurship, check out the Entrepreneur India 2018 Show on the 16th and 17th of July at JW Marriott New Delhi where, Jayesh Ranjan – Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce and IT Department, Government of Telangana, would share valuable insights on how state leaders are actually catalysers for creating new entrepreneurial hubs in India.

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