3 Steps That Help Elevate Brand Experiences In Any Genre

Manish Mickey Oberoi's vast experience in his niche makes him the perfect brand guru

By Shishir Jajoo


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Manish Mickey Oberoi is renowned for his magic with clients, helping them meet their business goals through brand stories.

Working with A-listers and Fortune 500 businesses alongside spearheading events from concerts to club openings, the vast experience in his niche makes him the perfect brand guru.

With this lineup of essential tips, Mickey shares his secrets behind elevating brand experiences across genres.

Establish Brand Identity

You know your brand way better than anyone else, says Mickey. So, be the first to create and establish a brand identity with your business that you best identify with. This will help you create a brand experience that amplifies your brand's story in perfect alignment with business goals.

Target the Right Audience

Telling a story the right way is essential. Telling a story to the right audience is even more critical. Mickey believes that creating this balance is vital. Often, the focus on creating the brand story is so strong that it overwhelms everything else. Identify who you are creating the story for, and you will create a brand experience that weaves itself around the audience.

Identify and Put to Work the Right Digital Tools

There are many digital tools to create brand stories that enhance the customer experience through interactive videos, social media stories, or even hashtags. Mickey points out how choosing the right mix is as important as putting them to work. In-person or otherwise, it always makes sense to use digital technology for a more engaging experience.

Mickey's secret mix of establishing brand identity, zeroing on the right target audience, and putting to work a combination of digital tools line up perfectly to elevate brand experiences across genres.

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