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5 Reasons Why Your Business Shouldn't Ignore Native Advertising In comparison to traditional methods of advertising, native advertising is a cost- effective alternative.

By Yash Mehta

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Native Advertising has emerged as one of the most overused buzzwords in the world of digital content marketing and its ever-growing relevance in the field of marketing and advertising strategies has paved a way for this advertising strategy to being largely accepted by all kinds of businesses on the internet today!

In simple words, native advertising not just works, it works brilliantly. PERIOD.

So what exactly is Native Advertising and how does it benefit content marketing as a whole?

First, native advertising is a very crucial subset of content marketing and over time, it has emerged as a very critical practice, which make sure that the content posted on your website has increased outreach and distribution among the target audiences. Basically, native advertising is any piece of content, whether audio, video, infographic or written content, which can be very effectively and efficiently placed within the content that is published on a website. This additional media published along with the content is a practice to boost the distribution and outreach of the content, rather than disrupting its significance or user experience in any possible way. Native advertising makes sure that the advertisements placed on your website alongside the well- written content further helps in bringing out the best in terms of traffic inflow, audience engagement, and in building a trusted and repetitive base of target audiences.

Here are five reasons that influence you to start practicing native advertising for your business

  • Better User Engagement = Optimum Sales

It is a lesser known fact that the best native advertising practices can drive in more searches and sales for your website as per the case study done by Molly Pittman.The purchase intent of readers is directly proportional to the content marketing strategies applied along with your content and what better strategy can one use other than native advertisements itself. Native ads have a comparatively higher sale, purchase ratio as compared to traditional ads and the more time readers will spend on your website engaged in the symphony of content,and related native ads, more chances are there for them to optimize the sales.

  • Native advertisements are cost-effective

In comparison to traditional methods of advertising, native advertising is a cost- effective alternative. This is due to the fact that native ads have kept a very low barrier as entry in order to make sure that more and more businesses can reap in the benefits of this intellectual advertising and branding strategy.

  • Vast array of native advertising strategies to choose from

Native advertising is an umbrella term, which covers several different types of content, including sponsored content, videos, surveys, questionnaire forms, and last but not the least, native advertising is a part of mobile advertising as well. For instance, Adnow is a prominent name in the world of native advertising and one of the peculiar features of this platform is that it provides widget-based native advertisements that can work magic for the content on a website. Apart from making online and social presence known across all major publishers including social networks, native ads also takes care of monetization and optimum content engagement by dominating internet marketing strategy.

  • Native Advertisements are great for Branding

Native advertising brings with it an array of benefits for your website, however, branding tops them all in terms of its long-lasting effects on the popularity and outreach of your website. Several surveys have implied that when readers come across content with native advertising incorporated along with, they perceive the content to be of very high quality and it created a feeling of high levels of trust among the readers. In the long run, these readers can spread a word or two about your website and thus begins a series of branding activities leading to sponsoring of your brand online. When done properly, native advertising leaves a deep impact on readers and often leads to brand recalling as well. However, if carried out in an unethical manner, native advertising can also bring detrimental effects on your website's brand name while also affecting its audience base to a significant extent.

  • Native Advertising Promotes Search and Purchase

While traditional banner ads do not exceptionally lead to increased search and purchase operations, native advertisements are well known for registering a high percentage of purchase intention among the readers. This is because readers can associate better with these native ads as compared to the old-school banner ads. As per BI intelligence report, in United States the native ads will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021that includes ads on publisher properties and social networks. Overall, native advertising is your go to content marketing strategy if you are looking forward to boosting your search campaigns as well.

Yash Mehta

Founder, ‘Dataworm’

Founder of business data analytics software named ‘Dataworm’.Covers business, IoT, Big Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship topics. 



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