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5 Tips for Global Entrepreneurs: How to Not Work Around the Clock They say work hard, play harder and that is exactly the motto an entrepreneur should live by.

By Ayrin Islam

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Reminder to entrepreneurs worldwide… we are human! We have both strengths and flaws and for the most part, focusing on the negative traits/flaws is almost a habit. But focusing and channeling on individual unique strength is what sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest. Figuring it out earlier on and setting goals accordingly makes for a smart and successful career.

A smart entrepreneur knows that committing and relying on these strengths and channeling them when required will never let them down and make for great business skills when running several tasks at a business. Identifying and focusing on strengths is a very important factor in what makes a
successful and global entrepreneur.
Time is money. Every second count when founders are starting their venture. Correct prioritization will enable a startup to function smoothly, thus enabling a better ROI. But systematic prioritization is difficult to say the very least. A good solution can be using the technique of the Eisenhower Matrix. The 34th president of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower has said, "What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important."

The first column is called "Urgent" and the second one is called "Not Urgent". Similarly, the first row is called "Important" and second row "Not Important".

  1. If it is both urgent and important, it is better to leave everything and finish this task first.
  2. If it is urgent, but not important, then delegate it to someone else and make sure to let them know that the work needs to be finished soon.
  3. If something is important, but not urgent, then schedule a specific and convenient time to finish the work.
  4. Lastly, if the work is neither important nor urgent then eliminate it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that an entrepreneur must always focus on work that enables high growth. These will always fall on the top priority list. When a company sees growth from the start everything else will fall into place. A common mistake that people make is that they become perfectionists. They engage themselves too much into the details when it is not required. Don't worry about the details so much and again, bringing the earlier point back that, entrepreneurs should focus on things that drive growth.

The five tips for Global Entrepreneurs and how not to work around the clock:

  1. Identify and focus on your strengths
  2. Set and re-calibrate your priorities
  3. Pause, reflect and give your mind and body time to relax
  4. Don't skip timely meals and stay active
  5. Before you go to bed, put your phone to sleep

They say work hard, play harder and that is exactly the motto an entrepreneur should live by. An entrepreneur is constantly juggling various tasks beginning from innovation, strategies, creativity, and management, all of it accumulated together can be daunting and overwhelming. After a while, all of the stress related to work takes a toll on health, mental and emotional state. To relieve the stress, rest and reflection are required after certain time intervals. Take a little vacation here and there. Reflect on mistakes, regrets, and the unforeseen decisions. For some reason, thinking about all of these while relaxing in nature actually, gives a better picture/insight/overview into any situation.

People tend to get out of a sticky situation faster when they give it some time and process it. Visit plenty of spas and restaurants to relieve stress by enjoying massages and enjoying various cuisines. Traveling definitely makes one learn a lot from people you've never met and adds priceless experiences such as discipline, social communication, stronger connections and new perspectives.

If it is not possible to even schedule mini-vacations here and there, focus on sports and activities that would relieve stress such as painting, socializing or something entirely out of the job/company world. Practice a lot of yoga, kick-boxing, swimming and various other sports. Entrepreneurs need to stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit and rested in order to make the best decisions regarding work and life.

Ayrin Islam

CEO, ringID

Ayrin Islam, based in Montreal, Canada, is the female co-founder and CEO of ringID, a social networking platform with voice and video calls, instant messaging, multimedia sharing, secret chat, and more. With a keen interest in cutting-edge technology and a degree in commerce, she started her first business fresh out of university. Ayrin quickly established herself as the woman in charge of several technology businesses, including telecommunications, IT, colocation services and IP based communication software. In addition to being a tech entrepreneur, Ayrin also has experience as a successful corporate leader: Just four years after finishing her degree, she started serving as the chairwoman of Bangladesh's largest data center service provider, as well as the CEO and managing director of another telecoms firm.

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