5 Ways to Amp up Your Co-Working Space A great co-working space will have a mix of events right from personal upliftment to business networking all the way to simply unwinding after a long day at work

By Smeet Gala

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Co-working is consuming the traditional workplace. From corporates to freelancers to start-ups, everyone sees the advantage of working from a co-working space as opposed to taking up a traditional office space of your own.

In this clutter of co-working spaces, you need to choose the right one for you and make the most of your workspace.

Here are the 5 things you could do to amplify your co-working space experience.

Events and networking; Interacting with Community Managers

Co-working spaces give you the platform for many things. Co-working does not just save you money. You could be making business and personal connections for life! A great co-working space will have a mix of events right from personal upliftment to business networking all the way to simply unwinding after a long day at work. Every co-working space has these amazing guys known as Community Mangers who are running the show. These guys would love to help and interact with you and help you with almost anything. Printer not functioning or looking for a business partner? These guys are efficient and well networked with the members. They will hook you up with almost anything

Personalise your Desk

Working out a shared space makes you feel like the ownership over YOUR DESK is missing at times. Decorate your desk to make it your own. Your coffee mug, a photo frame, a desk organiser to things as little as a pen stand. Having these everyday gives you a wider sense of ownership over the space.

A Good Snack Stash

A stocked Snack Drawer is something we always had at home, why not have something within the office space? It keeps people really happy & efficient, because they don't have to constantly run out of the office if they want a grab a bite also this could be the place where you get to know what your other co-worker's favourite cookie is.

Celebrate Small Wins

It is not only about being part of a community but also feeling part of it, by celebrating small wins & popping the champagne when one member in the community has something to celebrate. Like 'WorkAmp' recently celebrated the occasion when two of its in-house resident companies got funded (Home lane & True Elements). Funding should not be the only milestone, getting your first customer, getting the contract extended etc. can also be moments to celebrate.

Unwind with Music

These days people choose their job environment based on user experience and flexibility and take into account added experiences. A co-working space can arrange for weekly music sessions designed to give community members a sense of relaxation while they're at work. We have also found that the music often helps them ideate better within a comfortable environment.

Smeet Gala

CEO and Founder, WorkAmp Spaces Pvt. Ltd.

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