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6 Tips To Grow Your LinkedIn Network Make an impact on your business

By Michael

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Social media has taken over our lives. And a good chunk of communication generally occurs through these channels. Relationships and friendship are built and destroyed through social media. And this is what leads most of us to one specific point, there is one social media platform that is completely different from the rest LinkedIn.

We have come across plenty who have been posting about their political views or what they had for dinner, but this is not the right way of approaching the platform, LinkedIn is not likeFacebook that we could deal with it in a way we do with Facebook. Grow your network and your career while keeping it strictly professional on LinkedIn by the following steps.

Optimizing your profile in the right way:

It does not seem to be urgent when your actual goal here is to grow your network, but maximizing your LinkedIn profile is really important. A complete profile page is generally filled with the required information, branding, and keywords that will lead you with new connections. LinkedIn has said own search engine where people search with specific keywords in order to make your profile come up. These results will lead you to connect with the ones who are willing to connect with you. Remember the saying first impression is the last impression.

Post updates on regular basis:

It's very important that you are active on LinkedIn starting with posting updates every day. You can think of LinkedIn updates the same way as the social media post. Make sure that your post adds a value talking about your business including a call to action button. When you consistently stay in feeds of your customers, then there are much more opportunities for them to come forward and comment, like and share your posts. This interaction gets you introduced to the connections they have giving you another way of growing your network. When you have someone sharing or making comments on your stuff it's then a proof that you are an expert in the field.

Building up connections consistently:

One of the best times you can focus in growing and engaging on your LinkedIn profile is to always look out for new opportunities. LinkedIn recently enhanced it to people and you might be aware of the feature. Take advantage of this opportunity in order to review whom you know and sending a personalized message to connect right there from the ones you know in the tab.

Adding your LinkedIn URL to the email signature:

Your LinkedIn profile generally works in the number of ways as a resume, testimonial, social proof, portfolio of your business, proof of expert value all in one convenient place. In your email signature rather than sending prospects to your Facebook accounts send people to the LinkedIn account. Grab your vanity LinkedIn URL which is a link that is easy to remember and recognize. In the contact section of your profile,click the gear icon that is just next to your LinkedIn profile. Then to the next page look for the public profile URL section where you can easily make changes.

Joining and participating in groups:

Commit to searching for a few new LinkedIn groups you can join each month. And then make sure that you engage with the members in the group often by commenting, asking questions and liking other people comments. Groups are one great opportunities of doing a market research, posting links on updates getting reviews and engaging reviews with others niche, as well as those who are not. When people see you in groups and interact with you over time, they would be more likely to connect you. You might even find a new client for your business partners or clients you have been working with through the groups you are a part off.Be sure to join both big and small groups.

Thank people for their endorsements:

Another tip of staying ahead is thanking them who have endorsed you with skills. This strategy is simple and keeps you top of their mind. We would here suggest you to adopt an attitude of giving, and what we actually mean is seeking out 3&4 connections a week, jumping over to their profile endorsing them with skills you have first-hand knowledge. Some may turn out to be reciprocate, if not then you have really adopted a serving mentality that you will need to be happy with.

To conclude I hope you find the above-mentioned tips to be helpful in terms of growing and engaging with your connections. And as the network continues to develop and add new features it does become important that you refresh your LinkedIn strategy making sure you leverage all its features. What other features would you like to share on engagement that the others could benefit from? We would love to hear the comments from you. Please leave your comments in the comments section below.


Marketing Manager, Ampliz

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.

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