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Can staying fit improve your ROI? Stay fit, enjoy life, and just be awesome.

By Vinil Ramdev

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Work-life balance, staying fit and maintaining a healthy diet might be very important in a person's life. However, it's common for entrepreneurs to skip meals frequently because they are so caught up with the flow.

Passion is wonderful, and it can give you a lot of energy when you are doing things that you love. But doing that at the cost of your health can inhibit your productivity, stop you from enjoying your life, cause stress, and could even make you less money.

While exercise is widely believed to increase self-confidence, energy and improve blood circulation, there is research that suggests that physical activities can even improve brain function. Most fitness fanatics say that they feel better after a work-out, that's because the brain releases certain chemicals called endorphins which make you happy.

Experts believe that regular exercise can reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and keep off feelings of anxiety and depression.

Make exercise a part of your lifestyle

Several successful entrepreneurs have made fitness a part of their lifestyle and daily habits. Aalap Shah, Co-Founder of SoMe Connect, believes that fitness gives him focus and has helped him concentrate better.

He says, "For the first 3 years in my business, I really didn't work out or pay much attention to my personal health and fitness. This past years though, I began training 3 times a week and running on the other two days. The one hour commitment has allowed me to hone in my concentration skills and focus on my muscle movements while eliminating distractions. The running also allows me some time to think about the day ahead."

Like Aalap, several entrepreneurs believe that working out gives them a mental break away from the office.

Identifying what works for you

Some entrepreneurs like to start their workouts early in the morning while there are others who prefer the evenings, a few others even exercise during the afternoon.

Anil Merchant, Founder of SocialDrv says, "No matter what I'm working on, I'll put my work down, step away and go to the gym for an hour. The reason I pick midday is because it helps me re-energize and recharge my mind. I sit at my desk all morning and early afternoon. Around 2:00 pm, I can feel my productivity lessen, and my mind starts to tire. Stepping away from work and doing something completely different helps me to then come back after an hour feeling refreshed and ready to start working again."

Most entrepreneurs who work out frequently believe that working out has helped them stay calm, become more productive, and has also helped them handle stress better.

Making time for a work-out when you have a lot of tough decisions to make, clients to meet, difficult employees to handle, and a lot of other activities that need your attention might seem like a waste of time. But the long-term benefits like making the right decisions because you are calm, happy, and can get more things done in a short time might be worth the investment.

Take small steps

Eventually life and business is about priorities. Most people find it hard to make a start because they have never done any sort of physical exercise ever in their life.

If you're one of them, a beginner's workout plan is a good place to start. It's about taking small steps, making fitness into a habit, just setting aside 30 minutes a day for light workouts can also help.

And if it makes you look good and improves your social life, that's an added bonus. Besides, what's the point of being a billionaire when you don't have the health or the stamina to enjoy your wealth.

Vinil Ramdev

Entrepreneur and Business Writer

Vinil Ramdev is an entrepreneur, business writer and marketer. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Marketing in 2004. Since then, Vinil has been involved in starting and growing several businesses predominantly in retail, marketing, media, advertising and on the internet. His skill for seeing the big picture, and identifying trends and patterns have made him a sort-after consultant for companies who want to grow their business and make their products more discoverable. 

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