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Dexter, Powerpuff Girls And Scooby Are Back To Give You Some Entrepreneurial Advice We revisited some of these shows and found some hidden entrepreneurial advice from our beloved cartoons we all could use.

By Ritu Kochar

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Cartoon Network

I read somewhere that childhood is like being drunk. Everyone around you seems to remember the things you did, with you having absolutely no clue. Having gone through a similar one, I do stand with the statement but these moments, either you remember them or not, are also the moments that shape your ideas about the world that exists outside your parents' embrace.

Television played a huge role here, given the hours we 90s kids spent on watching almost anything cartoon-ish. It might be good now too, but back then Cartoon Network was followed like a religion. Consequentially, I personally remember them more thoroughly than any of my Math lessons. The reason behind this is not the lack of interest in the latter, but these shows gave some incredible lessons that stayed forever and were so much to watch. Now these lessons aren't just about being a better person, but they've covered literally everything from excelling in studies to starting a venture of your own. We revisited some of these shows and found some hidden entrepreneurial advice from our beloved cartoons we all could use. Here it goes:

Just show "em what you got

Now Dexter might be able to hide his brilliance from his parents but we were so busy being impressed by it that we almost overlooked his day to day problems. A legitimate genius who not only built a lab in his basement and got away with it, the dude made an artificial intelligence assistant cool way before Tony Stark's J.A.R.V.I.S. did.

But what was most impressive about Dexter's dexterousness was that even though the world, especially his sister Dee Dee and nemesis Mandark, gave him hell, he was a boy of action. He wouldn't just answer back with words; he would come back to his lab quietly, shut him in for hours and make something awesome. Now things got a little out of hands sometimes, but hey, nothing he couldn't build back again.

Competition will make you better

If I have to blame a show that introduced me to the concept of binge watching, it has to be Tom and Jerry. Watching the same episodes again and again, I realized that together these characters improved significantly in animation and their tricks. They kept getting funnier and smarter with years of practice, a consequence of healthy competition.

The animosity between Tom and Jerry got them into some real trouble together (enough to make movies out of it) but they kept coming with innovative ideas to beat/kill/cook/irritate each other. Improvising was the key! Not only did they make each other better but when times were dark and they faced an enemy together, like the dog Spike or a baby, they were unstoppable. Likewise, an entrepreneur should welcome competition and look for innovative ways to overcome it.

Teamwork is magic

Juggling school, homework, stress of a kid's life while saving the town from sinister evildoers is a little too much to ask of three little girls made of everything nice. But these aren't ordinary girls. With their superpowers and help from their dad, Professor Utonium, there's nothing Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup cannot do.

In the beginning of every episode we saw that the secret ingredient in their making was Chemical X but after, when they professionally took over saving Townsville from a parade of villains, you see that all along their real secret ingredient was their team work. There were times they had to fight alone and times they fought with each other, but they are best when fighting together. So before you venture into saving the world before bedtime, make sure you have a team and a good one too to support you throughout and no matter what.

Also girl power, so yay!

It's okay to be afraid

Probably the weirdest crime solver of all times, there were times I wondered why Scooby Doo was stupid enough to do the exact thing he's so scared of. The Great Dane was not the greatest when it came to hiding his fears. Yet, he never gave up going after all those so-called ghosts. In fact, it was his fear that led him and team to a bunch of important clues many times.

And then I realized how Scooby isn't that stupid after all. He was just frightened out of his brains, which is absolutely okay. Being afraid isn't bad, doing nothing about it is. Even a single sound could make Scooby's hair stand up on end, yet he went after those creepy, strangely dressed creatures and cracked the mysteries.

On your entrepreneurial journey too there will be times where taking the next step will seem like jumping from a moving helicopter, and your fears will have no bound. Do not let that stop you. Overcome it and you will emerge out stronger like Scooby did.

Never give up! Literally never

There's only so much rejection one can handle in their lives without acquiring a set of mental issues as collateral damage, but not for the ladies man we know as Johnny Bravo. You can pity him or just despise him for being so sexist all the time, but the dude just wouldn't take no for an answer. He is relentless and just can't keep in the charm.

Well, the charm part is debatable, but Johnny Bravo is not the guy who gives up. He shows that things will work out anyhow; you just need to believe in yourself and keep moving forward. Though the use of his tricks on women in real life is highly prohibited, we have to give him credit for his efforts and the confidence he had in himself. Even a pinch of it could do wonders in an entrepreneur's life.

What are some of your favorite cartoons? Share with us on our official page Entrepreneur India.

Ritu Kochar

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

Ritu used to work as a Feature writer for Entrepreneur India.

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