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How International Market Exposure Helps to Create Brands in Offbeat Sectors With the appropriate knowledge, it becomes easier for you to go beyond the boundaries of your nation and choose something that is more suitable for your concept

By Yogesh Kabra

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In this world of daily innovation, many people aspire to be entrepreneurs. However, success doesn't come to all. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to achieve the set goal. A lot of other factors contribute to the success of an enterprise. For instance, understanding of the target market, competition, the scope of growth and the industry where you desire to serve. Another major factor that plays a vital role in the journey of an enterprise is the exposure to the international market and conditions. When an entrepreneur is exposed to the facets of an international market, he/she tends to become far more aware of the possibilities and obstructions that he/she may have to face during the sail.

  • Technology

With increased internet accessibility, globalization is at its peak. It has become easier for brands to create demand in any corner of the world with e-commerce and social media. Technology has helped in several ways, wider reach is just one of them. For instance, technology offers flat stitch that is ultra comfortable to wear. This is a concept that has arrived from the international market, which wasn't very known in the Indian markets. Adopting this technology has helped businesses to stay ahead of their game.

  • Improved Communications

Since ages, it has been observed that strong leaders are deft communicators. The most valuable lesson that you may learn from international market exposure would be to communicate well and on time. It is unreasonable to delay your decision because the opportunity to bring everyone on the same level in an international market may never return.

Procrastination is the worst thing you can do to your enterprise if you wish to succeed. Timely communication and engagement with partners, audience and other stakeholders is necessary in order to stay ahead of your game.

  • Wide Options for Sources

Exposure to international market gives you detailed information about material from all across the world. With the appropriate knowledge, it becomes easier for you to go beyond the boundaries of your nation and choose something that is more suitable for your concept. You can source the raw material from one place and the machinery from another. International market exposure gives you access to various sources.

  • Fresh Perspective

When you have an experience or have been exposed to the international market scenarios, it gives you a fresh perspective to deal with any other kind of market. This advantage of perspective can extensively help you in solving problems faced at local markets. The knowledge gained from international market exposure gives you the opportunity to try out new things that may not have been tried in your culture before. Such a multicultural approach to business can also help in developing new ideas and thoughts, hence, offering better results.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

The only way to a breakthrough in an unfamiliar environment is to adapt. With experience or exposure to the facets of the international market, you may not feel like a fish out of the water when it comes to the local market. Such an experience helps you increase your flexibility and adaptability in the new markets. These two make a fantastic combination for a leader.

  • Trends

An entrepreneur who has witnessed the dynamicity of the international market is more likely to be aware of the ever-changing trends in his/her particular industry. An entrepreneur well exposed to the international market scenario will perhaps forecast a change in the pattern of the local market. He/she will be ready beforehand for a change.

Yogesh Kabra

Founder of XYXX Apparels


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