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Modern Marketing Organizations: Empowering Growth and Customer-Centricity To foster data-driven customer centricity throughout organizations, business leaders require a transformative approach

By Asit Tirkey

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In today's dynamic business landscape, achieving customer centricity is no longer a choice but a necessity. With the advent of the connected customer, enterprises face the daunting challenge of engaging customers across multiple touchpoints and channels. To navigate this complex terrain and foster data-driven customer centricity throughout their organisations, business leaders require a transformative approach. Enter the Modern Marketing Organisations programme by ISB Executive Education—a comprehensive initiative designed to equip marketing leaders and customer-facing touchpoints with the skills and strategies necessary to thrive in the modern marketing landscape.

The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Marketing: The Modern Marketing Organisations programme recognises the pressing challenges faced by enterprises in achieving customer-centric growth. By dividing value creation into two critical categories—new value stacks for customers and new value stacks for enterprises—the programme offers a framework that aligns marketing efforts with overall growth strategies. Through practical case studies, faculty presentations, toolkits, and frameworks, participants gain a deep understanding of go-to-market paradigms, enabling them to drive organisational growth and capitalise on disruptive opportunities.

Empowering Marketing Teams: At the heart of the programme lies the transformation of marketing teams into agile, interdependent, and accountable forces driving organisational success. Participants will acquire unique insights across functional silos, including HR, Finance, Sales, R&D, and service, enabling them to develop holistic marketing strategies. By exploring successful product development, go-to-market strategies, value pricing, and volume growth tactics, participants will emerge with the tools to thrive in both established and pioneering markets. Moreover, the programme equips attendees with strategies for market defense and integrates best practices for multi-dimensional marketing execution.

Faculty Expertise: Led by esteemed faculty member Sundar Bharadwaj, The Coca-Cola Company Chair Professor of Marketing at the University of Georgia and Research Scholar at ISB, the Modern Marketing Organisations programme offers unrivalled expertise. With a wealth of knowledge and industry experience, the faculty ensures that participants gain invaluable insights into the latest marketing trends, strategies, and best practices. Through engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and real-world case studies, the faculty fosters a transformative learning experience that challenges participants to think critically and apply their newfound knowledge.

Key Takeaways: By participating in the Modern Marketing Organisations programme, attendees will emerge with a range of key takeaways that empower them to drive growth and enhance customer-centricity. These include:

  • Successful product development, structured go-to-market strategies, and value pricing techniques
  • Unique marketing and customer insights across functional silos, enabling holistic marketing strategies
  • Strategies for entering pioneering markets and effective approaches for late market entry
  • Strategies for volume growth and profit growth in both established and mature markets
  • Defensive strategies to safeguard market position and address competitive challenges
  • Best practices for integrating marketing execution into a comprehensive and multi-dimensional plan

Who Should Attend: The programme caters to a diverse range of professionals who recognise the importance of marketing in driving business success. This includes CMOs, VPs of marketing, executives responsible for digital transformation in marketing, sales and product Directors/Managers, Presidents and Vice Presidents of marketing firms, business strategy managers, and senior executives from various functional areas. The programme offers a comprehensive skill-building platform for individuals involved in brand management, market-oriented strategies, and decision-making processes related to branding and marketing.

The Modern Marketing Organisation program provides a transformative learning experience, equipping marketing leaders and customer-facing touchpoints with the skills, strategies, and insights required to thrive in today's business landscape. With a curriculum that covers a wide range of topics and is delivered by renowned faculty, participants gain the knowledge and tools to drive organisational growth, foster customer-centricity, and contribute to the success story of their respective organisations. Embrace the opportunity to transform your marketing function and unlock the potential for sustained growth and competitiveness in the modern era.

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