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Moved To A New Home: 5 Must Do's Before you mark the beginning of your relocation success, there are still a couple of things which you need to do around the house and can brook no delay.

By Aseem Khare

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The new home generally comes with a new and exciting stage of life, when there is more than one reason to celebrate. But before you mark the beginning of your relocation success, there are still a couple of things which you need to do around the house and can brook no delay.

Inspect what's delivered!

Creating a household inventory before moving out is something you cannot afford to miss, use it to cross-check what's actually delivered once everything is off the truck. Has everything made to your new house? If that's not the case and a box or a household item happens to be missing, notify the moving crew right away. Once that's done, check if everything that has arrived is safe and sound.

Start with the big ticket items or major appliances, such as a stove, dishwasher, washer or dryer, Refrigerator etc. Be sure to open a few cartons of your most breakable items. Check if your precious bone china set and stemware has arrived without a scratch, to bring an assurance that all your other stuff has weathered the road trip too.

Do the needful

Arrange to get the utilities up & running without delay. Start with the fundamental ones- the power and water supplies, things will work smoothly once you have electricity and running water in your house. After having taken care of that you can shift your focus and contact people for other necessities like gas, cable, telephone, internet, garbage, and sewer.

If you are moving into a preowned home, getting the contact information of all the utility companies your previous owners used for the house can be of much help. And if not that, use your smartphone and act smartly. Hire a plumber, electrician or carpenter to get things straight at your new place.

Once the utilities are in place, you can begin with your unpacking spree. It is advisable to begin with the essentials like the toiletries and bedding. On your first day at your new place, prepare the two most important rooms for use - the bedroom and bathroom. It is beyond doubt that, unpacking and arranging the kitchen is also a priority but it can wait for some time until you get back on your feet.

Secure your home.

Before you are all ready for a peaceful sleep at your new place, secure your new home against unauthorized access or harmful acts of nature.Get your locks changed; there may be any number of keys floating around that match your lock. This needs to be done to ensure that you and your family members are the only ones to have access. Double-check all windows and doors and make sure they close securely

Unpack further and then Clean.

You have already unpacked essentials and arranged for the most frequently used rooms, but before you start starving for the home made food, stretch further to unpack and arrange the kitchen, living area, guest rooms and any other storage area.

Now that all the requisites are at place, it is the most opportune moment to clean your entire home thoroughly. Unpacking is sure to leave behind tons of garbage, dirt and dust. From wiping floorboards, floors, windows, counters to cleaning carpets, do it all to feel at home. And if you are too tired to do that, don't hesitate to make use of professional home cleaning services. Sit back and relax while they kick away the dirt and dust. You can use apps like Taskbob which are reliable and ensure quality services. Get a deep cleaning done or opt for a customized home cleaning service to match your preference and suitability.

Know thy neighborhood!

Once you are able to manage what's inside, step out to know what's outside. Meet people who live next door; create new folks to be of assistance in emergencies. Find the nearest grocery store, ATM machines suitable salons and hospitals. Make sure to identify health care professionals particularly for you, for your children and for your pets (if any).

After you have invested sufficient time in schlepping furniture, unpacking boxes and doing the needful, do invite your friends and family for a genuine house warming party. But do that only after you have taken good amount of rest to throw away your tiredness. Don't forget sleep deprived people are not good party hosts. Be a good host and now celebrate your relocation success in style.

Aseem Khare

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Taskbob.com

An IIT Mumbai Alumnus and a highly result oriented leader, founded another startup called Shaukk that helped like-minded people to interact. Before Shaukk, in his previous stint at Nomura, he played an instrumental role as an Equity Structuring Associate where he successfully  designed innovative structured products & strategies for Europe & Asia.

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