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Promising Freelance Jobs In 2021 That Will Change the Face Of the Indian Gig Economy Through the past decade, freelance jobs have made their way into mainstream job catalogues and all businesses-big or small-have been more than pleased to associate with freelancers

By Vanshika Goenka

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Following the pandemic that rebooted industries and job markets of the world, we've become increasingly optimistic about the freelance economy and the opportunities it will give rise to in the near future.

Through the past decade, freelance jobs have made their way into mainstream job catalogues and all businesses—big or small—have been more than pleased to associate with freelancers. Now, more than ever, with technological advancement, remote working and the freedom and flexibility that come along, freelancing has opened up several appealing avenues for the workforce. However, getting and staying ahead in the gig economy is not as straightforward as one may assume. In order to make the most of the freelance market boom, it is crucial to understand what lies ahead on this path while also pursuing holistic professional growth in its direction.

If you're considering stepping into the freelance community, the first and foremost question to ponder over would be: what are the fields that have a promising career path for freelancers?

At the outset, let's have a look at the most lucrative job opportunities that have a promising future in a freelance economy.

Graphic designers

Freelance graphic design is supposedly one of the most lucrative professions of tomorrow. It offers endless opportunities to work with global businesses and brands. In addition to making content more interesting and visually appealing, graphic designing also makes it easier for viewers to comprehend the key messaging, which greatly Influences their purchase decision.

Content creators

Written and video content has become an important aspect of social media. With an ever growing competition among companies to show their online presence as well as technological advancement, there is a substantial increase in demand for digital marketers. Content creation is basically an integral part of digital marketing, which refers to the strategic formulation of contents in the form of blogs, product descriptions, website content, promotional videos related to social media activities, and much more. To be able to have effective content created, almost all businesses have set aside a budget to hire content specialists and provide tools to create strong, engaging content.

SEO professionals

The Internet has solutions to everything and as long as we look for solutions on the Web, SEO will grow and so will the opportunities for a freelance SEO expert. As improved algorithms come into play, more businesses are publishing content to engage their target audience. Buyers are also starting to get picky about the content they want to read.

They are not only looking for content that answers their queries, but in content that interests them and SEO professionals are instrumental in aiding search engines to do better at identifying content that is in line with user preference.

Web designers

Consequent to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes have discerned that going digital is an important survival tactic and need their websites to be created or revamped in a way that they can truly represent the essence of the company and its services. Customers rely on the websites they visit to make the decision to associate themselves with that company. To improve the user experience for potential customers, businesses will need to invest in creating attractive and user friendly websites which will also result in increased conversions.

Other industries that hold the potential to foster a successful freelance community are fashion, fitness and makeup, HR and recruiting, education and training, computer and IT, marketing, healthcare, writing and editing, psychology and therapy, image consulting/influencer marketing/PR, et al.

Today, the choice is not between being an 'employee' or a 'freelancer', but between a humdrum 9-5 existence or a fulfilling career brimming with possibilities. It must also be noted that a digitally advanced world gives impetus to the freelance workforce. The freelance community thrives on technological growth as global markets are starting to understand the cost-effective benefit of having resources belonging to different regions of the world. In essence, the future of freelance work looks promising, as industries of the world move towards a more advanced, receptive approach to finding and hiring resources.

Vanshika Goenka

CEO and Founder, Kool Kanya

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