How to Maximize Your Content Reach to Larger Audience The kind of content you create, constitutes one of the pieces that form the backbone of business intelligence.

By Akshay Sasikumar

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Intelligence is no longer a skill that only humans possess. In the late 90's, Business Intelligence gained prominence as a concept, and was used to improve business decision making by using data based support systems. This also fueled the growth of large scale advancement towards data mining and the term Big Data was born. But what does business intelligence mean? One common definition states that the term refers to collecting business data to find information primarily through asking questions, reporting and analytical processes. And to leverage business intelligence, several thousand tools were made – differences being on the kind of data that were to be analyzed.

The proliferation of social media brought about a content revolution, so much so that the impact a single piece of content can create is now, negligible. Data shows that the average attention span of a human being is now at about 8 seconds, compared to about 30 seconds in the 1950s. This sole statistic makes the importance of good content and it's controlled distribution, of prime importance.

The kind of content you create, constitutes one of the pieces that form the backbone of business intelligence. Conceptualizing and creating the right content will essentially define what you are and how the world perceives you. Misinterpreted content can cause adverse effects to your Marketing/ Sales campaigns and not get you the desired effects. The funny part is, even the right piece of content can be misinterpreted by the wrong audience. Now how does one make sure your content reaches the right audience, and more importantly, is your audience even appreciate the content you show them?

Content Strategy – Who sees what?

"Who sees what" essentially forms the core of your content strategy. Organizations falter on this very problem, primarily due to lack to understanding of what viewers want to see. In this digital age, organizations tend to spend more resources on answering this question than on creating content. But how does one even know what the audience wants? Content platforms help you understand viewership patterns of pre-defined users and help you get closer to understanding what the audience wants. But for a corporate sales team, will knowing viewership patterns help make the next sale? Or would it be better to know specific viewership behavior of their prospects to make the sale more efficient?

Are you tracking and analyzing the content that you distribute? Does your content, across all formats, speak back to you? Or are you ignoring something staring right at your face? If your content strategy tells you to analyze each step and then adjust the next one accordingly, then you definitely need to track every action of yours. Content tracking tools are aplenty and gives you real-time insights in to your content performance.

Content Intelligence

Once you are on the content tracking bandwagon, you will need to deploy tools across the organization that helps you control your content distribution and lets you analyze it's consumption.

Content Intelligence Platforms can eventually tell you what document works better, why it works better and who it best works for. Imagine this scenario: I know that you are reading this article only because you work in the Marketing space OR you are an avid blogger OR you are a Content Strategist. And if you are, I should also probably tell you to reach out to us.

Akshay Sasikumar

Vice President, Paperflite

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