This Entrepreneur Wants to Set the Beer Guzzling Gen Next Drunk on Different Tastes

In India there are so many markets and so many types of people that I think if we just keep doing this for 20 years, it will not be enough

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By Aashika Jain • Apr 16, 2019

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If you are in India, you probably may have come across this beer that flashes a funky ape wearing a pair of sunglasses on its bottles.

India is at the cusp of a crafts beer revolution and Simba Beer does not want to be left behind. Every beer company has its unique strategy and positioning that it thinks will help it expand in the vast expanse of scale that India offers.

While speaking to Entrepreneur India on why the Founder of Simba Beer thinks the beer market growth is slated in India, Prabhtej Bhatia, said in India there are so many markets and so many types of people that I think if we just keep doing this for 20 years, it will not be enough.

The 27-year old Bhatia does have big plans for his brand. He intends to expand nationally before taking any steps to take it to the Bahamas of the world.

Bhatia wanted his entrepreneurial foray to be pan India however the company constrained itself & its ambition to not say launch in thirty states at one go.

"The idea was to expand into Tier-I market as well as in the Tier-II. We went to Assam when nobody was look at Assam; we went to Goa since Goa is very aspiring market and we are now in Bangalore with the idea to experiment the craft brew revolution," Bhatia said on expansion.

What Makes Simba Beer Unique

Bhatia thinks the company's strategy is very simple and it is not competing with all the new brands coming into the market.

"We think, as a force, we need enough of us to take forward the craft brewery revolution. If at all we are competing with the bigger and older players, the market is so small and it will expand so fast that I think even if we look at the direct competition from a brand point of view or from the category point of view, our offering stands out since it is another kind of niche," Bhatia said.

He also said that it is every entrepreneur dream to take their brand global however for Simba Beer, the challenge is to take the brand at the national level and make sure that the company is able to bring the crafts beer revolution.

Bhatia thinks own brewery gives the brand a unique advantage.

Most brands that you see coming out today don't have their own breweries with few exceptions. When you are doing a crafts beer, not having your own brewery is like telling a chef that you don't have your own kitchen, Bhatia explains.

"We believe having your own brewery really adds to your brand's value and what you are trying to do is not create one product and expand it across; what you are doing is getting newer products and experimenting often to get the taste right to get the consumers to get adapted to the different tastes of beer," said Bhatia.

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