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This Is How You May Turn An Idea Into A Brand An entrepreneur should understand the brand and shouldn't limit itself the one particular line.

By Sanjeev Mukhija

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An entrepreneur should understand the pulse of the customer. For any entrepreneur, beginning of the journey is to understand the right mindset before ever starting a business. Being in the right mindset entails a thorough understanding of the back-end side of the business and he / she is better able to manage the retail aspect as well.

This applies to entrepreneurs of apparel industry as well. It's no secret that the Indian apparel industry is witnessing its best phase yet. Online shopping portals are making it easier for trend-conscious Indians, spurred by fashion magazines and the celluloid, to access garments that live up to the style dictates of the season.

So,a successful entrepreneur should be courageous, passionate about their entrepreneurial calling and most of all, they think outside the box.

For any apparel entrepreneur, the beginning of the journey starts with understanding the process of garment manufacturing, the technical aspect of the business and the product itself along with the different fabrics, raw materials, silhouettes, customization techniques and so on.

As an exporter, I can vouch for several other expertise that holds me in good stead within the domestic market. There is a lot of talk of global trends sweeping the Indian market but we must appreciate the fact that Indian consumers like a little customisation and localisation to the cuts and styles that are adapted from the west.

Having dealt with global markets businesses like mine are adept at grasping market demands and this enables me to translate international styles into something the local customer would want to buy.

After all, for any apparel brand the basic foundation is the product itself. A manufacturer must possess a deep understanding of the product so that it may endow the brand with a distinct identity.

I like to curate the sort of the styles I supply to the best and most sought-after European brands for the Indian market. In my experience, this practice enables me to have an edge over others when it comes to product differentiation and fast fashion in the domestic market. Clearly, insights from exports and manufacturing give an edge to a business that is on the verge of creating a great business brand.

Breakbounce Streetwear, the quintessential streetwear brand with European nuances, is a label I began with such an understanding of the Indian and foreign markets. Our inspirations and design philosophy are driven by international design forecasts and we are able to deliver a clear streetwear range through our products that distinctly allows us to create our niche as a streetwear brand.

Being in tune with international trends and translating them to suit the needs of the domestic market is the key factor that makes a brand. It has been, and shall remain, a priority to see that our label remains at par with the international brands in the Indian market.

For any new exporter wishing to enter the market, I have a few recommendations. An entrepreneur has to ensure that both export and domestic retail brand businesses are independent profit centres in the same way the two differ in processes, work culture, people, and investments.

Similarly, the goals of both your businesses – export and domestic – must be distinct. Leveraging the strength of manufacturing and export business can definitely help the brand but it is important to stay true to the retail brand's identity, proposition, and offering.

One should also not compromise the brand by getting carried away by the dynamics in manufacturing and export business. And yet it is vital that both the export venture and brand compliment each other's strengths instead of adversely impacting each other's performance.

In the end, we can say that today's style conscious generation is well exposed to international fashion trends and looks at brands to provide more current designs and styles.

An entrepreneur should understand the brand and shouldn't limit itself the one particular line. HE / She must emphasis their philosophy that tells people to stop making excuses and start following their heart.

Sanjeev Mukhija

Managing Director, Breakbounce

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