5 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Your Self-Published Book

These strategies can help you sell books and establish expertise.

J.J. Hebert

· 7 min read

5 Steps to Take Control of Your Personal Brand

No matter what product or service you sell, as the owner of your business, you're really selling yourself. Follow these five tips to create a personal brand that connects with customers.

Scott Duffy

· 6 min read

Marketers, Make Things That People Want to See, Watch and Buy. In That Order.

Marketing expert Robert Willey details what brands need to do more (and do less) to make lasting connections.

Robert Willey

· 5 min read

Not always: The name change from Volskwagen to Voltswagen was just a joke

It was a joke for April's Fool, the American April Fool's Day, which will be celebrated this week.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 2 min read

AstraZeneca Changes Name of Vaccine

The European Medicines Agency approved the change on March 25.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 1 min read

The Unwritten Rules of Naming Your Business

You may not know it, but your industry has unwritten rules when it comes to business names. Find out what yours might be so you can craft a name that resonates with your customers.

Brad Flowers

· 5 min read

If You Want to Appeal to Millennials and Gen Z, Look Beyond the Latest Trends

Brands can capture the younger generations by establishing categories.

Adrian Clarke

· 4 min read

Brad Flowers

· 5 min read

7 Ways to Make an Unforgettable Business Name

Want people to remember your business's name? These seven strategies can help.

Brad Flowers

· 6 min read

Why Conscious Branding Is the Secret to Your Success

Consumers are voting with their dollars. Here are three ways you can cultivate a conscious business, no matter its size.

Tiffany Neuman

· 5 min read

How to Make Giving Back Part of Your Brand's DNA

Don't go seeking charities just because they're popular or trendy.

Beryl Stafford

· 3 min read

As COVID-19 Challenges Companies, Keep Building Your Brand

With continued challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, new distribution channels and messaging can help continue consumer trust.

Paul DeHart

· 6 min read