This Is What Investors Think About You While You Give Them Your Sales Pitch A key part of the pitch is to explain investors how you would be going to get profit for your business.

By Sophia Wright

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If you have successfully made it to the stage where the investors are having a look at your sales pitch, then you are already into a deeper process of investments. And I am sure anyone who has pitched a business plan has wondered what has been running in the mind of the investors. Are they interested? Would they say a yes or a no? What would make them invest in our products and services? After hearing some countless of pitches some great, some good, and some really very terrible given here are the five interesting thoughts investors consider while listening to your pitch.

Not having enough money

Investors generally think that you might have a pitch which excites and inspires, but still not clear on how you are actually going to go ahead and make money. A lot many ideas from startups may change the world for something better, but the investors are still interested to know how they are going to be getting their money back. A key part of the pitch is to explain investors how you would be going to get profit for your business. So have a solid plan on how you are going to make some money.

Not having growth strategy

Investors would here want to know that are they just getting their entire amount back or are they going to make any profit in the long run.If your company has no written strategy in order to move forward, then you are here saying the investors to have a look at your pitch ensuring that their money is going to be used for a really good cause but would not see any returns for the investments made on the products and services.

What do you have for me

Investors generally want to see the ideas that will help them in getting off from the ground when compared to their competitors. They need something that would help them manage and change the world for better and generally need something more out of it than just a general warm feeling. Too many pitches generally focus on the business and not on what the potential buyers are actually going to get out from it. So be clear in telling your investors what they are going to get telling them how they would be getting back their own money from projections. Tell them how you have intended to run a business and make it clear that you have the room to negotiate.

Do you buy your own pitch

I do know it might sound a bit counterproductive but do you actually think that you will be successful?Investors would here want to know that you are here committed to your products and services and are willing to go an extra mile in order to see it succeed. They would want to know more than just what you have planned to do once you get funding. In the same way, they would also want to know what actions you have taken in order to ensure success so that their investment is not a waste of time.

Why you are the right person to win

As most of the investors say we bet on the jockey. In short, the plan here is that these investors want to make sure you have a tenacity and ability to succeed, no matter what hurdles you come across throughout the entire journey.

How can we help

This one may surprise you but is one of the most important questions that the angel investors generally ask themselves before they make a decision of investing in a startup. They are offering the entrepreneurs much more than money offering connections, expertise, mentoring, advice and many other opportunities. Also, make sure you are aware of the fact whom you are pitching in front and highlight in your pitch why you think that your partnership will turn out to be successful. Emphasis on the difference that they will make for the growth of your company and how you all will benefit from your success.

To conclude if you are here able to address the above-mentioned concerns, then the chances of getting buy-in from the investors would automatically increase.

Sophia Wright

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