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Why Should Entrepreneurs Take Care Of These Small Things Let's get onto these tiny emotional and behavioral things..

By Pratik Kanada

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If you're not jubilant, then for the sake of your career you should do something about it. If given two options to choose from: Happy or Successful, what would you opt? Unfortunately, it's not the easiest decision and not the simplest as it appears.

Today, to be happier people wants success and success don't just sit in your lap. But, what if I suggest the best solution? What if you don't have to choose and enjoy the former and latter. In fact, many psychological survey unveils that the more happier an entrepreneur, the more successful he/she is likely to be.

The whole idea of entrepreneurship, startup, following the passion and do what you love is surrounded around "Happiness', isn't it?

It is not the big things that fluctuate every now and then in any entrepreneur's life; small changes are the activating force of big things. Why should Entrepreneurs take care of these small changes? Of course, they want to be successful and so their sole goal is to keep in mind certain attributes that they follow, obey and respect during mundane affairs. Let's get onto these tiny emotional and behavioral things..

Being Grateful

A grateful heart is always a gregarious person. Practicing gratefulness to people, nature and life would build a molecule of humbleness inside you. Do it, it's effective. This small change in your life will bring on additional benefits automatically. PS- This is practical and there is no clear evidence of it.

Don't leave your practice

They say, "Practice makes man perfect". They surely do. Entrepreneurs certainly know where they are very good at but they don't quit practicing it because even the professional sharp shooter will miss the shot if he hasn't hold a snipper for so long, an expert orator would fumble while speaking if he holds the microphone after many days and an athlete will not be able to beat the competitors if he is not into the ground.

Making your mood

This is one of the major categorized "Small Change' since it all depends on the mood of how you start your day and do your routine stuffs. Making your mood in the most vivid way matters since the brainstorm you do, task you allot to your employees and projects you do with your clients absolutely pass through your mode of temperament.

Listen First, Speak Last

Want to hear an insecure leader at work? Nobody likes that, do you? Leaders are great speakers; but, behind the curtains, they listen so sharply. They are aware of the fact that whatever they know is not enough and they learn something new everyday. This works meticulously in meetings to tap into the strengths of others.

Ask for Help

They are secure enough to admit a weakness and when they need help. By doing that, they show that they don't feel shy or ashamed of lowering from their dignity and prestige. This is one of the very small things they care of which results in emotional productivity within himself/herself. Good or Bad, doesn't matter. When they confess, they accept and ask for help.

Recognize the Team

Recently, a case study reveals that "Recognize your own team effectively' has been known to raise productivity levels. An inspiring entrepreneur will always acknowledge his successes as a team effort. Humility serves him well, as he expresses deep gratitude for everyone involved in accomplishing the task. He understands human nature and will make it a precedence to recognize people for their hard work. They Shine the Spotlight on Others. They stand back and celebrate their accomplishments by letting others shine, which helps boost the confidence of others.

Observe the Happy moments and NO-postpone to celebration

Project completes, team cheer up, company ranks, CEO is applauded, and many more astonishing achievements are attained. What are you waiting for? These are the happiest moments; enjoy and celebrate it wholeheartedly. Please, don't think to postpone it. One of the psychological survey reveals that if the moment is celebrated for its purpose instantly, it would give more fun, contentment and relaxation to your conscience than to leave it for the next days(months).

Pratik Kanada

CEO, 360 Degree Technosoft

CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. Writes about Leadership, Start-up Quests, Social Media, Latest Tech Trends and Mobile Applications.

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