Why Team Building is Essential for Your Business Success When people with myriad competencies come together to attain one single objective, the results have to be spectacular.

By Trilok Nath Gupta

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An entrepreneur always looks for solutions; an entrepreneur always looks to forge ahead with his plans and his people. That is where "Teams" come in.

To maximize the potential of the human resource at hand or to pit the resource against each other to achieve results which were thought not achievable before is the crux as to why teams are built. Teams provide answers; teams provide the cheapest solutions available to the entrepreneur. When people with myriad competencies come together to attain one single objective, the results have to be spectacular. Teams are sometimes created out of a specific need or teams are given to you.

  • The cohesion and the delivery of the results in the team solely depend upon two things: Whether the task assigned to each team member is in correlation with his or her core competency. You can't ask a fish to climb a tree and expect path breaking results. If the leader proves to be an incompetent one, teams with high capability content often fail whereas mediocre teams with a strong competent leader creates history.
  • Harnessing talent: The secret is to harness the talent at hand so that every member feels responsible and accountable to achieve that one singular goal for which the team had set out for. The Entrepreneur must realize that these are human resources, each with a strong personal belief and a personal plan. The better the feeling of inclusion, the better the results!
  • Identify your evangelists: There are people in your company who love their work. They are enthusiastic and passionate about their work. They are involved in their profiles and deeply engage with their work. Work, for them, is not just a job, but the source of excitement. Identify these people in your company. Thank them, reward them and provide them with a platform to share their passion and zeal. These evangelists will be your key influencers and change catalysts in the company.
  • Team feedback works wonders: Classify the most gifted human resource of your organization and get them to write down what they feel of their workplace. It could be honesty, conviction, or even something unenthusiastic which you may not like to hear. But hearing it patiently and analyzing it suitably can be a very enlightening and insightful experience for you as a leader and is the fastest and simplest way to understand what people think and feel about your business, brand, and culture.
  • Share your purpose: From the beginning, make purpose integral to all company strategies and plans. Recognize your business's purpose, publish and share it. Make sure that the team is driven towards achieving it. Gone are the days, when stand-alone or working in silos was the norm. In today's world what is of utmost importance is how you function within a team. It is the only way to harness multi-talented people to greater glory
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Trilok Nath Gupta

Training Consultant

Trilok Nath Gupta is a leading training consultant of India with areas of expertise in leadership training, managerial development, selling techniques, customer relations, assertiveness training, interviewing skills and other behavioral skills. He has worked for more than 17 years in the industry ranging from manufacturing to finance and a very long stint with the Life Insurance industry.

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