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7 Inspirational Quotes For Business By Abhinav Bindra At Startup India Summit 2016 Need inspiration for starting up your business? Ace Shooter Abhinav Bindra said it all in 7 quotes!

By Saumya Kaushik

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Ace Shooter Abhinav Bindra has got some serious motivational tips for those entering into the entrepreneur arena.

1. Perseverance- It is all about human excellence and as an athlete you lose more than you win. Fifteen to Sixteen Years of his life, he woke up every day and one fine day had an Olympic golden medal in his pocket. Keep trying is what he advised to young start-up enthusiasts.

"Rio Olympics was the greatest event of my life. I did not win a medal but I did overcome a lot of challenges."

2. Winning is less- Winning takes a lot out of you and you cannot remain on top all the time. Don't pledge each time you go out and compete, keep your driving force ignited at peak and introspect when you are off-duty.

"Whenever I lost a game, I fought more… I trained and re-trained myself And that has made all the difference. Losing is equally important as winning."

3. Yesterday Never Comes! – There is no short-cut to success and whenever you have a bad day go back to the place where you face defeat. Nobody can guarantee success to you; one has to be driven in terms of handling any situation come what may!

"I was never scared to take the risk in putting my best foot forward."

4. Detailing is necessary- Find the edge to everything that comes on your plate. Go and grab out the details and dwell deep into the matter. In a fire-side chat with Ritu Marya- Editor-In-Chief – "Entrepreneur India', he stated that

"He first saw the Olympic Games aged 12 and developed instant passion for playing it for life. Hence, no detailing is too small for any business."

5. Commitment is must- Remain committed to every job you perform. It is with commitment and dedication one leaves no stone unturned. There will be both- good and bad times but it is the journey that counts.

"Running a business and sports – both require hard work and a proper structure for working towards the goal."

6. Be open - The biggest learning in entrepreneurship is being open. Stay open to each and everything; be it criticism, learning, failure and people. He recalled his tough times saying,

"Whenever I have a bad day, I go back to the shooting range and train myself more. I hated my trainer for every time he ridiculed me on the field, but it was his criticism that has mattered in the long run."

7. Give your best- Give your best effort each day you perform. When you give up – You lose. Giving up is the worst thing that any entrepreneur would ever opt for.

"There indeed is no shortcut to success".

Saumya Kaushik

Feature Writer, Entrepreneur.com

Hailing from New Delhi, Saumya wears her heart on her sleeve for her city. An ailurophile and an author of two novels; she is a voracious reader and divides her time between studying authors and cooks, often simultaneously! 

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