Follow Simple Rules To Be A Charismatic Entrepreneur A charismatic person does not necessarily imply one who is powerful. One can have a charming personality by being nice.

By Jasmin Waldmann

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It is said that charismatic people always hold sway over others. They manage to get assistance from unexpected quarters, with some people even going out of their way to help them.

An entrepreneur should have this charismatic trait in his/her personality. A charismatic person does not necessarily imply one who is powerful. One can have a charming personality by being nice and warm.

Again are charismatic people those who pay real attention to people like Steve Jobs? Or are the people with expensive suits, cars, jewelry and houses the charismatic ones?

It can be all of them. The combination is most beneficial and effective. But, it can also mainly mean one of them. It can be either the warmth of your character, or your popularity, or can mean being powerful and making others around you feel the power.

What if you work really hard, try to lead your people, try to be a great role model and be nice to your team? But sometimes you may find that you are not blessed with these characteristics. Then what to do?

First, the trait can be developed. No charismatic person on earth was born with a charming personality, nor is it a "gift' or a "blessing'. It is an outcome of a continuous and hard training. Furthermore, it is also about awareness.

Charisma is also not much about how and what you talk. In the scope of human evolution, language is a relatively recent invention.

It was and is mainly the body language, the non-verbal behavior, which count the most. And even when we are using a language as a mode of verbal communication, body language comes first when it comes to trusting, liking or following a person.

Now you know charisma is all about being in the presence, it is about the warmth or about being a "people-person' and about enjoying power in more ways than one. Over the years, we have learnt that we need to train ourselves in this regard.

But, the key question is why should we take all thses efforts? As an entrepreneur and leader, one needs manpower. And these people take care of your business, when it comes to keeping your customers satisfied and happy with products and services. You also need to be charismatic, and not to mention creative and innovative, to create something new or to develop something in a better way than before.

Charismatic people give a positive vibe to people around them and they feel inclined to work with and follow the formers' instruction. Just remember the biggest charismatic speakers/ people on earth.

They are Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Sir Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and the list includes many more names.

People loved and still love to listen to them, they love to support them.

They want to be a part of their noble work and share their vision. These charismatic people stand out from the crowd.

A powerful person is also recognized as one who can leave an impact on the world, regardless of the influence he/she wields over others, his/her muscle might, money power, expertise or intelligence.

Life is unpredictable and crisis can occur anytime. At times of need, we eventually need others to help us out of serious circumstances. Whom to approach for help then? Somebody who shows goodwill towards us, right? Appearing warm to others means being kind, benevolent, caring and willing to help in any kind.

Following are some of the steps to be followed to become charismatic:

1. Make notes every night before you sleep.

  • Create awareness of your body language during the entire day
  • Be aware of any suppressed anxieties
  • Take note of what makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Whether you compared yourself with colleagues
  • Whether you criticized yourself
  • Which negative thoughts did you have today
  • What facial expressions did you do today
  • Identify all obstacles you had today

2. Step: Work on it.

  • Working on your intonation of the voice (lower it on the end of a sentence)
  • Slow down while talking to others
  • Lower the frequency of nodding your head
  • Wait for one-two seconds before you response
  • Recall to bring your body posture in an upright position

Follow these steps for at least 66 days. Overall, you need to be able to withstand discomfort and become friends with this feeling.

As an entrepreneur, you need to lead and convince others about your ideas and plans. And the more charismatic you are, the better it is.

You need to learn the techniques of getting out of bad, negative emotional states within a minute or two. Being charismatic is not an overnight phenomenon. But, it is very much worth to work on it.

Jasmin Waldmann

Founder, Life Coaching

Jasmin Waldmann is the founder of Life Coaching.

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