11 Reasons Why Some People Are More Successful Than The Others

Learn about how they got there. How hard they had to work to get there. What do successful people do?

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By Amishi Mehta • May 2, 2018


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The first thing people notice about successful people is; the swanky bungalow, the luxury car etc. If you want to learn how to be successful learn from their journey, not the destination. Learn about how they got there. How hard they had to work to get there. What do successful people do? Why are some people more successful than the others? Let me let you in on a secret, here are some of the characteristics of successful people. Find out, if you are one of them?

1. Are Visionaries: Successful people can always envision what is going to be. They can draw a clear picture of what their life will be and what they want to achieve. When you close your eyes, what is the life you picture for yourself?

2. Stay Focused:Successful people take the requisite steps to help them stay on track, avoid distractions. They do not make excuses. They take a task & keep at it until they have achieved the desired results.

3. Passionate:They are very driven in life. When they speak about their work or their life their face lights up. They love what they do. They have a strong sense of belonging to their work, to their families in every sphere of life

4. Stay positive:You can't be successful, if you think success cannot be achieved. A positive person always believes there is a way and that things will get work out in the end. Most of the times you are your worst enemy by harboring negative thoughts about why things cannot be done instead of focusing and one small thing that will get you to where you need to be.

5. Learner for Life:Successful people refuse to stay the same person they were yesterday. They constantly strive to grow at work, on themselves, in relationships, in intellect, in knowledge, in spirituality. They have the know-how and what's happening in their city, country, the world & the universe around them.

Warren Buffett reads 500 pages everyday.

6. Failure:

  • Successful people are not afraid to fail. Successful people accept failure and move on. They do not give up no matter the circumstances. They learn from their mistakes, but never forget what it taught them.

  • Steve Jobs said; the idea of death motivated him to never fear failure

7. No substitute for Hard work:

  • You might think successful people have a bit of luck with them, but they create their luck by working hard. They believe if they work hard, they don't require luck. They believe in creating their own destiny, instead of waiting for things to happen. They know that there is no substitute for hard work. They put in their best day-in day-out till they get the desired results.

8. Help others be successful:

  • Successful people push others to success. They are never threatened by the success of others; instead they motivate people to be the best version of themselves. When is the last time you helped someone to be successful?

9. A Dreamer:

  • While most people get comfortable being in a rut, successful people dare to dream. They take calculated risks to make their dreams come true.

  • "If you can dream it, you can do it' - Walt Disney

10. Integrity:

One of the most valued attributes of a successful person is integrity. When you yourself have high moral and ethical Principles is what defines you.

"Integrity is the essence of everything successful.' – R. Buckminster Fuller

"Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching' – C.S Lewis

11. Gratitude:

  • Successful people are always thankful for their relationships, their life, their well-being, their family, their work, and their happiness. They give back as they are thankful for what they have received. When is the last time you thanked someone?

Amishi Mehta

Strategic Business Advisor, Coach and Consultant

Amishi Mehta dons many hats. She is an empowerment and success Business coach & consultant, corporate trainer, life coach, speaker, author, entrepreneur. Has 17 plus years of experience, with 30,000 hours of coaching done, helped business owners, corporates, achieve business & personal success, worked with business owners and their leadership teams of more than 43 countries.

She is a transformational, innovative and pragmatic coach. She connects with her audience easily and makes them feel comfortable from the get-go. Her energy and positivity are transcendent. The herculean challenges that she has personally and professionally endured help her resonate with the challenges of others and has helped find her true potential in life and in Business. Now she helps empower people to be the best versions of themselves and achieve success at work, in life and in business through her CXO coaching, executive coaching, seminars, training, business consulting and with the spoken and the written word. She believes in “Turning struggles into Success!”

Her Mission is to:

Empower people to be the best versions of themselves by increasing their self-worth personally & net-worth professionally. 

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