Bored of Yoga? Try These Four Martial Art Techniques to Combat Stress

Martial arts lets you punch stress right where it needs to be and get disciplined at the same time

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For generations, we Indians have been preaching Yoga as a one-stop solution for most of our medical and mental problems, including stress. And in the recent time with the global community growing smaller and stress being a part and parcel of our life, Yoga's popularity has simply multiplied.

Yoga helps you combat stress and there are no second thoughts about that. But have you ever thought what it is like to fight stress with a physical activity? Or punching it right where it needs to be and get disciplined at the same time?

If that sounds like a thing from your to-do list, well, try any of these four martial arts techniques to take a break from the monotony of Yoga and beat stress at the same time.


When dance and martial arts are mixed together, Capoeira is born. It is a five-hundred-year-old martial art form that was developed in Brazil by the Angolans, Congo, and Bantu during the slave period in the region.

In an attempt to disguise the fighting technique, the slave community mixed martial arts with music, dance, and acrobats. In fact, Capoeira training institutes in India market it as "Yoga on Steroids.'

But it is nothing like yoga, where in an hour's session you are likely to shed about 400-450 calories. However, with Capoeira, you can lose anything between 850-1000 calories per session. Additionally, it also enhances your flexibility and can be used for self-defence.


This martial art technique actually helps you punch and kick stress. How do you do it? Simple. Imagine the punching bag as your stress and hit it hard to relieve yourself from the frustration and to start fresh.

Even though Kickboxing is gaining popularity in India, it has a long way to go. Through this martial form, you will not just learn self-defence but also tone your upper and lower body along with improving blood circulation and stress will stay at bay.


This is an Indian form of martial art that originated from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. For practicing Silambam, one would have to use weapons that would include bamboo sticks and curved swords. It is a very well known technique to learn self-defence.

Apart from helping you with your stress, experts say Silambam is a great cardio activity that will help you with body coordination.

Tai Chi

If the above three techniques are more physical in nature for you, then maybe you should try Tai Chi.

This is a Chinese form of martial arts which isn't as swift as the other varieties. It is less physical in nature and more about awareness with balancing control and hence, is popularly associated with "meditation in motion' activities.

It a very good option to exercise for the people in their late forties and fifties as the risk for an injury or fall is comparatively low.