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Books That Inspired Successful Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs share their favorite books.

By Ritu Kochar

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Nobody can deny the impact of a good book at the right time.

If you closely observe, the books you read influence you in ways more than you could think. The effect is so deep that it could impact the way you speak or even think. (I had my chance to experience this when after reading two books of "A Song of Ice and Fire' in a frenzy, my reflexes wanted me to answer with "Yes, my lord' whenever I was called.)

Books, I believe, are the best decisions making tools. Research goes into it, they subtly guide you, you get to know different perspectives of a situation and the best part is that this all comes in the form of a story. Stories that change you as a person.

To back my argument I went on to ask some of the tech experts about their literary knowledge and how they have been influenced with what they read.

Hari Menon, CEO and Co-founder, Big Basket is greatly inspired by 'Karmayogi'

The manner in which Dr. Sreedharan went about building the prestigious Konkan Railway and the Delhi Metro is truly inspiring. His dedication, high focus on time deadlines, remarkable leadership and highest levels of integrity truly stand out. Both the projects were completed well in time and many phases were done ahead of time. Both projects were built on difficult terrains and under very difficult conditions. They had a completely transparent tendering system. And he instilled highest levels of integrity in both organisations. And he achieved all of this as a Public Sector Organisation under the Govt of India.

A great example for all start-ups. A MUST READ for all entrepreneurs.

Arpita Ganesh, Founder, Buttercups recommends 'The Fountainhead'

I read both at the age of 33 and both taught me my most precious lesson – Don't let the world bring down your own standards of perfection. Believe in yourself and the world will have to come around. I still reread both, quiet often, especially when I feel the need for inspiration in life.

Ankita Jain, Co-founder and CEO, GoPaisa

It is a must read for all entrepreneurs because it teaches you how important it is to unlearn the things about management about business. It taught me how important it is to invest in Human Resource because at the end they are the one who will represent you in front of the society in front of your customers. It taught us how small aspects and systems become really important while managing a company which is rapidly growing in size. The authors also explain how technology has shifted the balance of power from companies to consumers and make the argument that the only way to succeed in this ever-changing landscape is to create superior products and attract a new breed of multifaceted employees, dubbed "smart creative's". The book also changed my concentration from customer acquisition to customer happiness which is now the sole moto of, it very important that our customers does not only use our CashBack service but also recommend it to others.

Ashwini Ashokan, CEO and Co-founder, Mad Street Den finds this book very motivating

The first sci-fi book I ever read, thanks to my husband forcing me to. I'll never forget it. It motivated me, showed me what strength is - the kind of strength my parents showed me very early on in my life but this book brought it together for me in a very weird way. I've not been able to take it out of my mind since. But of course, I love all the usual - Margaret Atwood, Virginia Woolf, Zadie Smith and the rest.

Kanika Tekriwal, Founder and CEO, JetSetGo

Because it's a tough one, I can tell what my favourites include. There are 7 books on and by Richard Branson which have literally reinforced everything I have believed in. I could read them again and again and again.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things – it's good to know that someone else faced issues I am facing.

What are some of your favourite books? Share with us on our Facebook Page Entrepreneur India.

Ritu Kochar

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

Ritu used to work as a Feature writer for Entrepreneur India.
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