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Creative Maven: Leshna Shah, Founder and Creative Head, IRASVA She believes that there is no magic as such but a combination of curiosity, persistence, and open-minded exploration develops creativity

By Punita Sabharwal

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Leshna Shah, Founder and Creative Head, IRASVA

When Leshna Shah was in New York, the wide range of global design sensibilities and aesthetics sparked an interest in her which influenced her to launch an entirely new concept in fine jewelry. "Living in the heart of New York's fashion industry, I saw a gap in the Indian market: there was a lack of stylish, ready-towear jewelry that was expertly produced and reflected the grace and sophistication I had experienced overseas. This insight played a crucial role in directing my artistic path," Leshna Shah, Founder and Creative Head, IRASVA said.

She said the realization inspired her to go out to re-invent beautiful jewelry in India. "My idea was for a line that would combine global design standards with the rich heritage and culture of our country. This vision materialized into what is now IRASVA— an embodiment of impactful, finely crafted rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that resonate with discerning individuals seeking a unique statement piece," she added.

She believes that there is no magic as such but a combination of curiosity, persistence, and open-minded exploration develops creativity. "Everything can offer inspiration for those who seek it. That's my belief. And, that is exactly what I do – draw inspiration from everything around me. Be it the architecture, the colours of the day, the sparkling night sky, or even something as basic as sourcing raw materials, which is an inspiration by themselves," she said.

Speaking about the customer need she said that at Irasva, they believe customer feedback is the best way to determine what its customers need. "It is a vital compass guiding our brand's direction. In an era where individual style is paramount, we place immense value on understanding our customers' desires and preferences. Their insights not only influence our current collections but also inspire future designs," she added.

Shah also believes that creativity is the heartbeat of the business at IRASVA.

"Each piece created at Irasva defines enjoyment and tenderness creating the feeling of 'Self Love' amongst the women of the modern day. This one-of-a-kind jewelry brand is expressed through form, functionality, and fashion to make a commanding statement and global design aesthetics," she added.

She suggests to develop a strategic mindset by aligning your creative vision with the demands of the market and to expand your ideas beyond what any person can accomplish alone, embrace networking and teamwork. "Use technology and digital channels to increase your effect and reach. In today's changing landscape, scaling creativity requires a combination of vision, strategy, and adaptability," she said.

IRASVA has four retail destinations across India. It will further expand domestically.

Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur India

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