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Yoga Tourism: India is More Than the Land of Soul Seekers India now is a global destination for those who seek to learn yoga from its birth place without losing its authenticity

By Akshar

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India has been, for ages, a destination for those who seek peace and spirituality. History reveals it's not just Beatles or Steve Jobs, who have made life-changing travels to our meditation retreats and spiritual destinations; there are a lot more of them. India is now the fastest growing wellness destination with a growth rate of 22 per cent.

India as Global Destination of Yoga Tourism

Over the years, tourism has evolved into a global industry contributing, around 9 % to 10 % respectively to world's GDP and employment. The arrival of international tourists is expected to touch 1.8 billion by 2030. Tourism is now an important development strategy for most of the countries in the world.

Yoga tourism is an act of people around the world, who travel to other countries to learn and experience the bliss of Yoga; it could be a part of their vacation or part of their touring. India now is a global destination for those who seek to learn yoga from its birth place itself, without losing its authenticity. India is capable of offering its tourist a wide variety of healthcare services and rejuvenation amenities at a very reasonable price.

The different forms include yoga, Ayurveda, Allopathy, Sidha, Unani etc. and all these make India a unique destination. With the world widely realizing the value of alternative forms of treatment which naturally cures the body ailments, ancient healing techniques like yoga and Ayurveda are gaining popularity.

Contribution of Incredible India Campaign

In the recent years, the number of tourists flying down to learn Yoga, in its purest form, has rapidly increased. Most of them fly down to the country with intent to learn yoga while enjoying the scenic beauty, the India is known for. The contribution of "Incredible India' campaign by the Tourism department towards this is worth mentioning here. Yoga tourism also involves pursuing higher education in yoga by joining degree or diploma courses to pursue a career option in yoga, or simply with experiencing the pure bliss of yoga, by staying here for years.

Some of the major factors which helped India evolve as one of the best tourist places in the world could be:

  • There are a growing number of convenient, low-cost non-stop flights, luxury hotels & resorts, developed highways, natural and attractions the country can boast of. All these result in some really attractive tourist incentives like inexpensive tour packages to India, which directly attract people from all over the world. In recent years, India opened doors for FDI in the healthcare sector. The participation of private sector resulted in the advancement of infrastructure and equipment of Indian hospitals.
  • The private sector investment is huge in developing Yoga centers and manufacturing natural products for tourists, seeking treatment from Yoga. All these have made India globally competitive, particularly eyeing Indian high class and foreign patients.
  • India's glory in tourism history lies in its rich and diversified culture, history & heritage, unique lifestyle, fairs and festivals, food, wildlife, its scenic landscapes etc. India is the largest English speaking county of the world and this is yet another reason for the nation to be regarding as a tourist-friendly location for the global travelers.
  • With the involvement of private sector in the tourism industry, now it is easy for people to visit India for Yoga, they can avail package deals for the treatment which includes flights, transfers, hotels, treatments & leisure etc.
India has always welcomed travelers across the world to experience its 5000 years of civilization. Countries like Bali allure people to explore the fun aspect of yoga. While India, which houses the crowning glory of Himalayas- the Oxford of yoga, has an ocean of ancient secrets of this healing science to offer.

Founder, Chairman, Course Director, Akshar Yoga

Akshar, popularly known as Grandmaster Akshar is one of the youngest yoga entrepreneurs in the country. Hailing from the oldest school of Himalayan yoga, he is an internationally acclaimed Yogic Master and visionary. Akshar has carved a unique niche in the global wellness map by innovating with Yoga, weaving together his ancestral wisdom from the oldest form of Himalayan yoga with the most advanced forms of fitness regimes. He is the Founder, Chairman, and Course Director of the Yoga Foundation, Akshar Yoga.
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