Can You do 4 Hours of Gym Everyday?

If you do this then you can be rest assured that you can hold your ground and not move down the ladder of fitness

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Can you do 4 hours of Gym every day is the question we ask ourselves after being in awe of a celebrity? Instantly, the answer came yes if I am getting paid for it! The reality for most of the common people like us is that our real jobs start at desks and ends up at desks. You need to be a total exception to dedicate the balance 40per cent of your awake lives to a gym. It's only during the weeks when you are not able to exercise and you put on a few kilos that being in shape is an unachievable endless goal. Does that mean 4 hours of the gym a day is the only way to be in shape?


The Question

When experts say 90per cent of health is the food you eat not your exercise. If this is indeed true then shouldn't we be thinking a lot more about what goes in our mouth?

Unconsciously or consciously, we make bad choices every day. Check labels on the back of your products for two things if not all – presence of sugar in nutrition table and chemically sounding names in the ingredient list. Try to eat/drink the way nature has made for you. That's the best insurance you can buy for yourself. This is what we should call removing the "junk" from lifestyle. If you do this then you can rest assured that you can hold your ground and not move down the ladder of fitness. As a nutritionist would have exclaimed – you will no longer produce the free radicals. Or even better, as Ayurveda would have commented – you would have maintained your "vikriti."

So now we know our food selection can help us maintain our current state of health or as a marketer would have said arrested ageing. But what helps us move up the ladder of fitness? Or the Unilever in me leads me to ask the question – are their foods that can help us to look good, feel good and get more out of life! You can travel the world to find solace in superfoods like chia seeds but Ayurveda compels you to not travel the distance – just go back in time, just go back to roots to restore your "prakriti"!

Here's What We Need

Can foods based on Ayurveda make you look good, feel good or get more out of life without making you compromise on sugars, chemicals, preservatives? This was essentially the question that got me started on my entrepreneurial journey. It does not help when the starting point is that Ayurveda is bitter and that brands manage bitterness through sugar and that preservatives manage the bacteria that feed on sugar. The more intriguing the start of a journey; the better is the thrill during the journey!

As far as exercising goes, If exercising needs to be part of lifestyle then you need to commit to only what you can sustain for 1-2-5-10 years. 30mins of daily Yoga + 30mins of daily meditation + 100mins of jog every week is my sweet spot. As far as celebrity endorsement is concerned, next time when you see someone influencing you to buy a fruit juice, you should think, "Can I do 4 hours of gym every day"?