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How Mumpa is Building a Community to Help Parents Tackle their Daily Chores Every parent bears in their heart the drive to do the best for their child and an unwavering commitment to raise healthy and happy children

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Parenting is a daunting task as it requires not just unconditional love towards one's children, but also the knowledge of picking the best for them. Every parent bears in their heart the drive to do the best for their child and an unwavering commitment to raise healthy and happy children. They feel the constant need to pursue various enriching activities, and they need a resource guide for parenting and a community to share experiences.

Necessity is the mother of invention rings true for Mumpa. As a parent who was bringing up her children in a city where I did not grow up, I always felt the need to ask and find out about the most basic of things for my children.

I wondered if it was just me, who felt thel ack of orgainsed information for parents or did other parents feel the same way? I found the answer in the affirmative, by observing different mom groups on social networks, where mothers were trying to help each other out. However, these platforms had several limitations. For example, there was no control over the features/functionality, as neither the members nor the admin owned the technology. Secondly, fathers, who are the pillar of strength in theupbringing of a child in today's day and age, were excluded from these groups. And for the mums, not everyone was part of every group, therefore,the available information was not comprehensive.

This left me wondering that why there isn't someone (read an app) to help me decide where to buy an ear thermometer from and from where to scoot for the best diaper deals.I kept thinking about the non-existence of a forum where I can share and discuss my parenting dilemmas with other parents.Why isn't there someone helping me with simple ideas, suggestions to keep my kids productively engaged? And why can't I have all of this in one place?

So, here is Mumpa, which addresses these challenges, creates a community of parents and helps you with your chores, and gives ideas to raise healthy happy children. Mumpa is a solution for every parent –both mum and pa – to be able to find resources relevant to them for their children, to connect with other parents, to find ideas for spending quality time with your child at home.It also helps you manage your buying needs better.

Our resolution is to be every parent's partner in raising healthy children and we aver to do this with our comprehensive web presence of our native apps and website.

Here are the problems that Mumpa wants to solve:

Now that I am home, how to I spend quality time with my kid?

Being around your child is important, but one needs to do more than just hanging around! These little humans are full of energy,this energy needs to be channelized in the right direction. The 10 minutes that a parent will spend with their child is more beneficial than an hour spent by the child at an extracurricular class. But how do I come up with new, interesting things to do with my child every day?

The #MumpaActivity section features activities that can be done at home with simple household items. For example, an activity with a plate of flour can help your child develop pre-writing skills. We wish to inspire parents with interesting, meaningful activities that they can do with their child at home. These activities are designed by early year educators to help parents spend quality time with their kids.

How Do I Connect with Other Parents?

For a first-time parent, the need for information is very high and they seem to be rope-walking on the learning curve every day! We are talking of young parents in nuclear setups raising their first child!

They need all the help they can get except unsolicited parenting tips and advice. At times, advice from parents from the yester years appear outdated. Therefore, they need to discuss and find out what other parents of today's age are doing about a situation. So, how do they connect with other parents, outside their small circle of friends? Should they use Facebook and spam their 15-year-old cousin with "what to do, my baby is having fuzzy poops". There are some hugely popular communities on Facebook, but they come with their own drawbacks. Not everyone's queries get views and responses either.

The Parentship section addresses this need to get connected with other parents over parenting queries. It's only fair to be comfortable with advice from other parents who are with you or slightly ahead of you in their parenting journey. Here we can share concerns, hear from other parents, and help each other out with simple solutions & tips that will soothe our aching parenting nerves.

Why can't baby essentials get delivered to my doorstep in a few hours from local retailers?

While, one can get an AvantgradeItalian pizza delivered to their couch-but to buy a baby sipper parents must drive, park, carry a wailing child inside a mall/shop and buy it on their own! It is difficult to be ready with a shopping list for everything that your child will need in advance,as the need to buy something or the other is constant and requires instant gratification.

Not just for working parents, even for mums who are home,rushing to the market for this or that is a difficult task at times!

Mumpa is trying to create a hyperlocal marketplace for kids' essentials. The platform allows retailers to accept orders online and service the request.

Retailers can also access the platform to create and publish discounts and deals. Small retailers and local merchants do not have an effective way to communicate with their target audience. Mumpa gives them access to online savvy parents who are in the information gathering or purchase planning stage for a variety of products. Parents can receive updates about the best deals on baby products and services from outlets around them in the Deals Section of the app. Users can mark outlets as "favourite' to ensure that they don't miss out on a deal from a particular store of their choice. The Mumpa team strives hard to ensure an uninterrupted flow of deals.

Who doesn't like rewards?
Keep the likes and comments going, list a place which is missing from our directory, write reviews, upload pictures, and accumulate as many Mumpa points as you can. These points will help you find a spot on the leaderboard and get you additional discounts,since you can convert your Mumpa points into exciting vouchers from outlets around you and get additional discounts! Now haven't we made parenting rewarding?

We wish that our desire to become your parenting partner in raising healthy children meets fruition. Please feel free to send in your suggestions feedback at hello@mumpa.in

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