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How This Brand Is Transforming Men's Fashion In 2022 BYLT Basics' diverse collection of elegant and stylish clothing is paving the way for men's and women's premium versatile fashion

By John Stanly

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What a person wears and the way they present themselves has an immense influence on how confident they feel for the day. This is true for everyone. Yet, men's fashion, especially basics, has so far been in many ways - by the color palette of the clothes, price range, and most importantly, inclusivity and styling options. These are the key aspects that moved young entrepreneur Eric Mear when he originally sought out to start BYLT Basics, leading him to remodel the men's fashion industry.

How BYLT Basics Is Revolutionizing Men's Fashion

BYLT Basics started in 2016 as an apparel brand for men, catering to young go-getters with an active lifestyle. Within just 6 years, BYLT has made a special space for itself in thousands of men's wardrobes in the US, but it has also carved out a unique space moving well beyond the niche of men's athleisure and into an all around premium lifestyle brand. The major reason behind this massive growth in such a short period is their dedicated focus on resolving the major challenges that have held back the western male fashion industry.

Ease and longevity: Being highly passionate about the field, Eric Mear realized the most crucial aspects men look for in their clothes are ease of use, ease of wash, and quality gear that will last- so he went about creating his brand around these. As a matter of fact, a 2020 survey by McKinsey & company shows that above 66% of all fashion consumers prefer to buy from a brand that offers high durability of the clothing.

Tired of cheap, throw-away basics that lose their quality, elasticity, and color after just a few washes, Eric developed a way to produce premium basic clothing under budget, customized for various occasions. Each piece of BYLT clothing is soft, comfortable and breathable even under the most extreme of activities, and made from wrinkle-free, non-shrink fabric that can be machine-washed over and over again. The quality remains completely intact over the long term. A customer quoted "even after more than 30 washes my garments maintained a premium feel".

Choice of style: Styling has been an age-old dilemma with men's clothing, especially when it comes to the basics. Men's garments just weren't versatile enough, and different items of clothing were required for different events. BYLT Basics went the extra mile to ensure their clothing items made mix-and-match options available. BYLT clothing items can be worn in formal or casual settings, with a wide array of selections from their catalog; and in each of these combinations, making anyone who steps out each day look terrific.

What's more, BYLT came up with a unique to its own category - a truly trend setting idea of the "drop-cut" shirt - which became a new take on your classic staple. Their best selling Drop-Cut: LUX is perfected with a more round and longer hemline than other, regular shirts or t-shirts. Along with being exceptionally elegant in style, fabric and function, these shirts offer a uniquely diverse style and wear for wherever the day takes you.

Color palette: Compared to most women's assortments in the industry, leading men's brands' color options fall miserably short. BYLT Premium Basics took it upon themselves to provide a real answer to this dilemma. Their apparel offers an extensive collection of every color anyone could want that suits any American man perfectly, which brings us to the next point.

Inclusivity: Eric noticed that while the most popular brands might have a wide variety of options for men's clothing items, they are not all that inclusive; meaning, besides some brands segregating the styles or colors of their clothing items by race and body types, some brands are so restrictive that all their garments only suit a particular community. BYLT takes a different approach by living by a core mantra of theirs - BYLT for everyone. They've created styles such that everyone from every racial community or body type can look great and feel great. BYLT is truly a brand for everyone.

So, What Does the Future Look Like For BYLT Basics?

The USP of BYLT Basics is not just its premium quality, but also its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. They have expanded their business to include every wearable item head-to-toe, including shoes that are so versatile, they can be paired with nearly everything in their line. They have also started their own lines for women's and kids' clothing. BYLT's founder envisioned a future where every member of a household in the US, as well as abroad, will be able to put on apparel from their closet that builds confidence each and every day they put it on in the morning. Given the sheer progress the brand has made in just a few years, we can confidently say it won't be too long before BYLT Basics becomes a common household name all over the world.
John Stanly

Start-up mentor


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