A Happy Work Station

Radhika Mukherji, owner of Happydemic is trying to build a platform where artiste gets a chance to showcase their talent

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If you can call your office your happy place, you just know you are heading in the right direction. Radhika Mukherji's Happydemic, a live music company, is her go-to place. "I would call my cabin my Happy Place! It's the zone where all the business happenings take place. I have done the interiors of the office myself and have tried to create an elegant, vibrant and comfortable work station. Filled with the light, airy feel and enveloped with pastel shades, the cabin exudes a fresh environment that is much needed for ideas to flow freely," says Mukherji.

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Mood & Vibe

Keeping it minimal, Mukherji has designed her cabin in a way that represents her mood. "Right from chairs to sofas and even pillows the seating options are varied and I can choose among them based on my mood," she reveals.

Lightings & Me Time

The vibe of the place is casual yet serious. "It's lit up just like my mind throughout the hectic day and the lights become dimmer to announce that the working day is coming to an end. Sometimes it's even about the "Me time' I spend in my cabin with my glass of wine, relaxing for today and rearing to go for tomorrow," she says.

Not An Ordinary Office

Didn't she say her happiness zone is her cabin? "It holds an ideal blend of fun & fundamentals, it's approachable. It's the place of progress and ideas; it's where that first note of happiness is created," she says.

My Daily Ritual

The first thing that Mukherji does the moment she enters her cabin is to open the windows and have a great view of the terrace garden. "I believe that opening windows is like embracing ideas, creative energies, freshness, sunshine and opening the door to a world full of opportunities. The green is symbolic of prosperity, health, and happiness today and tomorrow."

My Go-To Corner

"I would say that my entire cabin is my happy place. It's the room where I evolve, execute and excel in my pursuits of being the Chief Everything Officer."

Things On My Desk

"My laptop, of course... and my sticky notes."

Most Precious Possession

The Vision and Value Wall are very close to her... it reminds her why she has walked into the office. The memos there fuel her up and drives her to perform better each day.

Essential Things

Whiteboards, Mac/I pad / laptop, Marshall speaker, mirror and "women essential' dresser and a wall shelf that contains photographs, quotes, stationery and religious idol.

One Ritual Before Leaving

"Glance through my to-do list. Check on the lights and AC. Put back everything in order so that my cabin welcomes me with the happy feeling I left it with."

One Cabin Rule

"I go crazy when people don't push their chairs back .. in fact, it's a rule in the whole office. I believe to break the conventional rules of business but keep the rules firm at the office. Therefore I make sure that everything in my cabin is in order right from the chairs to the little things like stationary."

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