Is it Really that Hard to Stay Motivated Throughout the Week?

One of the easiest things you can do to motivate yourself at workplace is to take your tasks as challenge

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Even after a kickass start to the week, we all feel exhausted by the time mid-week arrives. Mornings seem no more motivating and it almost feels like dragging self to office from home.

One thing is for sure, we all have been there. And in those moments even if you love your job, you feel uninspired and start to slack, at times.

Entrepreneur India takes a note of this challenging situation faced by employees, which not only affects work but also the health in some or the other way.

Here are a few simple pieces of advice by fitness experts that can help you maintain your energy level during the long day at work and motivate you to be on time at office.

  • Challenge Yourself

One of the easiest things you can do to motivate yourself at the workplace is to take your tasks as a challenge. According to many fitness experts, this activity works most of the time with people. By following this activity, you can easily convince yourself that you can do it. People like challenges and they feel good when they complete the planned work for the day, said Prayrit Das, trainer at Fitpass.

  • Sweat it Out

Forget Hump Day its beast mode day. Working out will release endorphins which will instantly motivate you to tackle the rest of the week and keep you energized. "Try working out in the park; going for a swim or grab a yoga mat and hit the outdoors, this will also help you load up on your vitamin D which most of us are lacking," advises Sunjay Ghai, CEO of Revofit, the AI based digital wellness platform.

  • Break up Your Tasks

Breaking up the tasks into smaller components makes it easier to see where the obstacles are. It takes lesser hard work and saves energy for other responsibilities and work undertaken by you. And indeed, you identify yourself performing well in office work.

  • Stay in the Moment

Stop daydreaming and use this day to refocus your energies on the rest of the week. One quick tip is to do a small 20 min meditation, which will refocus and calm your mind and help you stay in the moment, advises Sunjay Ghai. Before and after office, meditation can help to the core in getting back your energy levels and the peace of mind.

  • Focus on Time

Sometimes at work, we end up losing time while attending others' requests and make ourselves available for them. This activity disrupts an individual's workflow. Therefore, prioritize your work, put some time aside for your tasks to be done for the day, and tell your colleagues not to disturb you during that time frame. This practice will help you save time and energy both.

  • Take at least 8 hours Sleep Everyday

This is one of the most important factors for recovery. Most people tend to have late nights on weekends and even on weekdays because of which they feel lethargic. "If one is not sleeping for at least 8 hours at night daily and does not even cover up for the lost sleep during the weekends then it will be impossible to perform at maximum potential in the week. Therefore, sleep for 7-8 hours to buck up your energy levels, said Kunal Sharma, an actor and internationally recognized fitness coach.

  • Start Early from Home

Set your alarm for half an hour before the time you set regularly. If you would wake up half an hour early, you will be able to make it on time, advises Das, a fitness expert. Waking up early in morning can give you a lot of time for yourself. Also while working in office, you can set your alarm for every half an hour to remind you the time has passed. These activities help you focus more on time which we generally forget after getting indulged in work.

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