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Saluting Mom-entrepreneurs, #4 Challenges They Face As A mother And An Entrepreneur Share your joys and insecurities from work with your children, if you want them to understand why they aren't getting much time from you

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Mother.For many it's just a role one plays. Dig a little deeper, you will be amazed at the complexities of that one role. And when that mother is also an entrepreneur, take a bow!

It isn't an easy part to play.

Challenges that come on the way is what makes the journey worthwhile. Here are four ways to overcomea few challenges I faced as a mother and an entrepreneur when I embarked on the journey of co-founding my kids wear brand, 612 League along with my husband Manu Indrayan.


A mother is nothing less than a professional torch juggler. She has multiple parts to play and a slight miss may cost her more than you can fathom.

Primarily, it's all about striking the right balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship. Work becomes a part of her life just like her child. One can never choose between their babies.

For a mother who begin work when her children are very young, they are at a vulnerable stage and a parent needs to be cautious in giving them the right perspective.

One of the saviors is when she chalks out a routine to prioritize her day accordingly.


Making a child understand that a mother may also have dreams and aspiration is very important. Without this, you are in shaky ground.

The right thing to do is to give your child an experience of your work life. Give him or her a day-long office tour to make the child familiar about the surrounding.

Engage in conversations with your child. Share your joys and insecurities from work, if you want them to understand why they aren't getting much time from you.

Doing so, becomes easier when your spouse is equally passionate about his work and understands what it takes to be a parent and an entrepreneur.

In my case, I just got very lucky to find a co-worker in my spouse who supports me in every step.


The task of balancing becomes easier only when you are passionate about your work. It shouldn't be only due to necessity, it should be your choice.

I don't believe in what many term it to be a man's world. Man or women, I reckon, you have to be really good in what you do to survive.

However, a very common mistake I have learnt by watching others is to keep your sanity intact. Amidst motherhood and work pressure, a mother is bound to become insane at some point and lose her individuality in this commotion.

Enjoy The Ride

No matter what, you just can't stop thinking about your work.

On any given day, you are constantly concern for both your child and your firm. There is no way you can stop thinking about either of them. You don't want to stop either. They need your complete attention at all times.

There are times when motherly instinct overpower the independent entrepreneur in her and vice versa. During times like these, I think, you need to learn how to live with it without ignoring it.

Mohita Indrayan

Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder, 612 League

Mohita Indrayan is the Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder of 612 League.

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