Sun Buddies: Eyewear Trends 2020 That Are Actually Blast From the Past The sun is out playing hard on us. We've scanned the streets and runways of fall 2020 to transform you into a classic goddess by donning some uber cool sunglasses

By Puneet Kapani

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Though sunglasses rank low in terms of accessories, it makes a huge difference to your face, style or mood. If you love eyewear, you'll surely be excited about the fall/winter 2020-2021 sunglasses trends. Just because it gets cold outside doesn't mean that the sun disappears. Even if it's not particularly bright out where you live, a pair of fashionable sunglasses always adds to the style quotient. It still presents the best accessory for hiding your tired eyes or expressions.

The sunglasses market has exploded into stylish yet wearable shapes that combine refreshing new details with old classics, and quirky takes on trends we've seen resurface from the past. From cat-eyed to oversized ones, all the incredible styles are back with a bang this season. So, I say snag them all!

Fair and square

Source: Fendi

Source: Fendi

This fall season let's bet on some square shades, shall we? Because honestly, angular frames never really went out of fashion as they always had a place in the wardrobe of a street-style lover. And the best part is that they go with almost anything, from a delicate chic style to a punk rock look, they make everything seem so c-o-o-l!They're not necessarily flattering to all face shapes, but if they work for you, rock them with pride because they are one-part glam and one-part conceptual.

Slimmer the better

Source: NOR

To be very honest, this style of sunglasses started to make a comeback in late 2018 but we will go ahead and count it on our list of super trendy sunglasses of 2020. This style of sunglasses was first seen in the early 2000s and we can bet every '90s kid is nodding their head and silently agreeing to this statement. Be it Britney Spears or Madonna, these sunglasses were the 'IT' thing for the entertainment industry, especially for pop culture.

The oversized ones

Source: Gucci

These shades are the ones that demands to stand out in the crowd, thus we don't recommend this style of sunglasses for the light-hearted at all. In this category, every single pair of glasses is a masterpiece of its own.Microscopic sunglasses are finally giving way to the oversize shapes. Warm tones, tortoiseshell, and retro square shapes are all the details to look out for here, but really, any pair that feels like something your mom or grandma might have worn is a sure bet.

Just take look at that these work of art and tell us you don't feel that pull because we surely do!

Shield yourself

Source: Quay

A great example of sporty eyewear is cycling ones and other sports-optimized sunglasses that we are currently witnessing on various supermodels. Though it looks more sporty, but do not worry, it goes with almost every outfit and style. Recently, fall 2020 also gave us a glimpse of some new eye gear which holds the potential of becoming a leading trend this year. The shield sunglasses at Givenchy bucked the sporty effect, and instead looked quite elegant.

Over the past few decades, this luxury designer brand has proved itself as one of the top players in the world of fashion. And trust us when we say, it doesn't seem like it plans on stopping that anytime soon.

Translucent colored lenses

Source: Le Specs That's Hot Sunglasses

Approved by Paris Hilton in the past and now by Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, these translucent lenses are here to stay. When it comes to throwback eyewear trends, fall 2020 stands right on it. They are absolutely upbeat for your bikini versions. These candy-colored and fun lenses are what will set your sunnies apart this year. They are available in different sizes and styles, so go get your favorite one.

Retro cat eye

Source: Croozy

If you people with slim face are looking for something this season of 2020 then the flirty and flattering cat eye sunglasses with a bit of retro flare is the right choice. They'll make you look just a touch more glamorous and classy. It is a timeless piece that never goes out of fashion.

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