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I never digressed from technology but rather merged comedy with it to provide value to the audience in a fun and easily consumable way, says Shlok Srivastava aka Tech Burner

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By S Shanthi • Jan 8, 2023


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A content creator by accident. That's what Shlok Srivastava aka Tech Burner calls himself. Srivastava's idea of content creation was to simplify technology for his friends, family, and acquaintances. And, that is how his journey as a content creator started.

"In fact, I remember that I was terrible at making videos when I first started, but eventually, I got better at it. However, what stayed consistent was the mission to help people out and simplify technology for them. We as a team never digressed from technology but rather merged comedy with it to provide value to the audience in a fun and easily consumable way," says Srivastava.

Technology is a fairly specialized and complicated field and the channel's USP lies in humanizing it. "We are attempting to simplify potentially sophisticated pieces of technology so that they may be understood by someone as young as 10 or even someone who is as old as 70. We walk a thin line between humanity, arts, and technology. To reduce their distance from one another, we strive," he says.

This tech influencer strongly believes that passion combined with consistency can help anyone become successful. In fact, the name 'Tech Burner' resonates with this philosophy. "It represents my love and passion (fire) for technology. In addition to that, it echoes freedom, and innovation, all the things that I stand for," he says.

The channel's content has never been based on market trends or efficient algorithms, he claims. It only includes tech trends that viewers would like to have more insights and explanations about. For example, during the lockdown, Srivastava and his team focused on tech difficulties and solutions while working from home. "The content is always created for the audience, and the primary goal is to add value to the audience's life in the best way possible. Typically, I like to capture my audience with genuine, gratifying, fun content, which gives the content an authentic quality," he says.

Srivastava believes that the world of social media is dynamic and no matter how much you try, you cannot predict the upcoming trends. "If something is working today, it doesn't mean that it will work in the future as well. The only catch is to keep trying, experimenting, and innovating," he says.

Therefore, after achieving success with video content, he will be experimenting with audio content in the next phase. He has recently launched a podcast 'Winners Only', through which he will be taking a trip down memory lane with India's most successful entrepreneurs. In addition to that, Srivastava will be investing more energy in short-form content on YouTube and Instagram. On his primary channel, Tech Burner, he is planning to go beyond the usual tech reviews. Apart from this, the tech wizard is also today working towards fulfilling his first dream, that is, to become a designer and kickstart a design company. He has launched his own brands- Overlays Clothing and Layers, a mobile and laptop skins brand and plans to scale them further this year.


  • Number of followers on Insta: 2.3 Mn
  • Number of subscribers on YT: 9.89 Mn
  • Genre: Tech
  • Brand partnerships: 200+ including Apple, Samsung, Audi, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Amazon, Flipkart
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